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  1. Only one team made 5 tactical subs in GW1 in the PL. It resulted in turning round a 2-0 deficit to get a 2-2 draw. I liked it. The big clubs in the PL are less likely to use it to make a difference at least because they’re relatively rarely going to be behind in the latter stages. Liverpool were and did a triple sub 50-odd minutes in. Their 4th came just before their second equaliser but was arguably not tactical - carvalho for Dias is not an upgrade! Pep has said he prefers a small core first team squad. For Norwich as a big, rich club in the Championship with a deeper squad than many it ought to be welcomed. Maybe bring Ismael in as he used it to great effect with Barnsley! More seriously that showed it was counterintuitively something good for small clubs.
  2. But Hull were terrible. I think he and Hickey at about £30m between then will look like absolute bargains next to players like Neco Williams.
  3. It depends on how they’re doing. Their fans still love Bielsa and were not impressed by Marsch’s style of play (or rather lack thereof). They’ll expect things to look very different very quickly when he is playing a new core of expensive players he has existing relationships with. They as a club live off the “unique” Elland Road atmosphere and if that turns poisonous are only going to back him so long.
  4. I’m somewhat sceptical about that list. I doubt very much Raya is Brentford’s highest paid player or that he’s “only” on £25k a week. If it’s true it should give you guys some hope as I’d be surprised if you didn’t have players on much more than that!
  5. Brutal May- Liverpool A, West Ham H, Spurs A, City H. Going to be a real battle securing a Champions League spot! Liverpool playing away first game is one everyone who’s been as an away fan at Anfield with a restricted view seat should welcome. It was the first time I’ve been disgusted by the greed of a club in selling a seat where the only way to have any idea of what was happening in the match was to listen to the radio commentary. Sooner they take that roof off and rebuild the better!
  6. There’s no actual news as yet. He’s on holiday and an Italian website has said he hasn’t accepted the contract offer. This has been amplified by every clickbait site going as meaning he has rejected it, rather than having made no public decision either way. As long as he doesn’t end up at Decapitation FC it’ll be fine in the end.
  7. Funnily a Max Aarons thread has just started on the Brentford messageboard. I think £20m sounds a bit steep but £10m would be a bit of a steal and certainly better than Spence who I think is overrated. I know you won’t like it but Brentford is one team where he could rapidly establish as a regular starter as we’ve lacked a specialist RB/RWB all season (Canos started the season at RWB, now when playing with 2CBs we have Ajer playing out of position at RB). His ability to play LB would also appeal as we lack cover for Henry.
  8. I’m not sure your model is broken unless it really is entirely reliant on Webber. If the model is robust it can withstand a change in DoF. Indeed it probably needs to have included plans for that very situation. The model doesn’t seem from the outside very different to that of Brentford, Southampton or even Liverpool or Man City beyond some arguably poor decision-making (choice of players, not having proper buy in from manager on players bought, prioritising investment in facilities over players/establishing at the aimed for level). That might point just to having the right model run by the wrong person. Or possibly that the underlying business is reliant on yoyoing and doesn’t have a plan either for establishing in the PL or being sustainable as a Championship club (eg because of timidity/impecuniosity/conservatism of ownership and believing establishing is too expensive and the business fundamentals too weak to bear staying down). Perhaps the boldest move would be to relax a little on going all out for another top 2 finish and instead take longer term decisions to build a team that could go up immediately but would bear missing out and be stronger after another season of going in the right way. I think that would work well for you on the basis of having bought young players for the future who Webber believes are capable of becoming quality PL players with time. So give them time.
  9. If they don’t go up Forest will be getting their delayed relegation. They have, if my maths is right, 16 first team regulars who are either loans, out of contract or have one year left. Apart from the loans and Johnson, most of the rest of the squad is as mediocre as their last couple of seasons suggests. They need a complete rebuild. Even if they go up, that will be needed and spending £100m wouldn’t take them a lot past making the loans permanent, tying down Johnson and the loan fees for another 4-5. If they were serious about trying to establish on promotion they’d take the money for Johnson and strengthen the team rather than rely on a winger with no defensive capabilities who will be completely starved of the ball most games. Cooper is great at making a silk purse from sows ears but has not yet shown what he can do with a budget. If they stay down I think he’ll be gone. His teams also have no plan B. Yesterday they were distinctly second best and looked much less a PL team than Sheff U.
  10. Just back from Everton. Quite a rollercoaster! It really is fun! Who knows about next season? Maybe Toney goes, but for lots of money. Wissa looks like he’ll kick on after a full preseason. Maybe Eriksen won’t extend. Jensen today played as well as him and played the passes leading to the first red and the second goal. We’ve been quite consistently good at recruitment for years so the summer buys will be interesting. But maybe we don’t know how to spend £25m as well as £5-15m. We might get found out but then again we’ve not stuck rigidly to a particular system and have switched it up for different opponents so have a little more unpredictability than the recent second season syndrome clubs. We’ve actually substantially underperformed our xG so could have been comfortably top 8 (!) whereas both seasons Sheff U were up they substantially outperformed xG. So we’re more like Brighton than them Even if you reduce our tally from the top 6 to match Leeds’ nul points we’d be on 38 points and safe barring a hammering by Leeds next Sunday when our biggest margin of defeat has been by 3 goals. And if it does go wrong this season will live long and the Championship is higher than most fans have seen for most of their time following the club.
  11. No, they’re at least trying to play. Barnsley under Ishmael were a rugby league team who almost made you feel sorry for Cooper’s dark arts Swansea. Almost.
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