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  1. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"] Hi Ryan, I believe a few of us are slightly intrigued as to why you choose to religously fill this forum with swearing, negativity and patronising posts against others. You have made it clear in no uncertain terms that you are a Norwich fan, but I think that I am correct in saying that you are rivalling Wizard and Smudger for the position as board''s most unpleasant person. I personally do not have a problem with you posting on here, although I have never seen so many patronising posts on any team''s forum, so I do find it slightly odd that you have posted 907 times. Really I was just wondering whether or not you could give one reason why you post so patronisingly on here, just out of curiosity. It may just be that you enjoy patronising people, or it may be to fulfil a specific objective e.g. to fulfil some strange desire. I dont like to question others motives, however I have seen numerous people insulted by your posts here, Im not talking about those who tell you to go away but those that simply ask why you choose to post in such patronising ways. I believe that by simply explaining your reasons for being grumpy, people would be more accepting of your presence. I am aware that many will now present themselves in your defence with "league of gentleman" etc etc... but I cannnot think of one good reason why you are unable or unwilling to answer this question. How about I go first? I''m grumpy on this forum primarily because I think this forum as a whole thinks it''s far more representative of fans than it actually is. I get frustrated by the constant addition of posts that seem to claim they speak for all Norwich fans.  Now you go.....   [/quote] Amongst all the boring posts, along comes one to make me laugh out loud!!!
  2. [quote user="ryan85k"][quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="Camuldonum"] It''s not entirely irrelevant because if they were "too cosy and in bed with the Club" they might have had guidance on whether the story was true or not.  As far as I know Norwich City treat us all the same.[:|]  I believe the truth about the Bosnich (and Holt) stories was that Archant didn''t go anywhere. Not too many calls to Australia in the case of Bosnich (which could be a story, but not because of Norwich City[:P] and not too many to affable Ian at Shrewsbury Town either I fancy. Apologies to CA in advance.[:D] [/quote] Actually, come to think about it, Archant is a bit like you Cam. They only reply and comment on what they feel like. OTBC   [/quote] Or on what they effectively know about.  Which pretty much rules you out of most things. [/quote] Which means that Cam doesnt know why he posts on the Pink Un forum.   [/quote] Yawn..........
  3. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Norwich"]Camuldonum, why do you spend so much time on our board?[/quote] He''s been asked that loads of times but never replies [:D] [/quote] And why should he reply?? This attitude towards posters on here who dont support Norwich really pees me off as long as the said poster is not abusive. Camuldonum, I dont believe has ever posted anything p!$$ taking or derogetory towards Norwich. In fact I for one always look out for any of his posts as I always find them well drafted and informed considering all the drivel that comes from the vast amount of so called proper-message-board-users-who-can-only-support-norwich-posters. I actually follow Shrewsbury Town also, so does that make me any less of a Norwich fan? No Should that mean I dont post on here? No Should that mean I dont post on Blue and Amber message board? No We all follow the beautiful game of football (although it hasnt quite been that for both sides this season!). Rant over
  4. Gutted. Went to game today to support the Shrews as they are my 2nd team. Was really looking forward to seeing them play Norwich. Will have to hope to be drawn together in johnstone paint trophy!!!!!!!!!
  5. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="First Wizard"]And whoopi bloody do, we''re still paying his wages![:S][/quote]We''re still paying Jamie''s! [:S][/quote] At least he scored for Norwich reserves this week Lapps! [/quote] Glad he has now found his level
  6. i have done bbc predictor and have us staying up on goal difference on 42 points!! Charlton, Southampton and Watford to go down. Who could have predicted three seasons ago that these 3 teams and us would be battling the relegation places out?
  7. do you always sign up to things before reading it through. Obviously not old enough to have any insurance policies or household bills to pay as this is how the world works. Try reading the information given to you before using a stupid oversight by yourself to bash the club
  8. Am I the only one who can never seem to play any video content that is put on a webpage? Can someone help????
  9. [quote user="Hardhouse44"]No it hasn''t finally sunk in and no I''m not happy about it. My point is we as fans can worry, rant, stomp and get ourselves as het up about things as much as we like but the fact is Bell or no Bell the guy from Coventry or not. We are not going to get what we want. Wiz wants Roeder gone CT want Delia gone and half the fans want Paul Ince or big Sam here. Reality is Without anybody to buy the club we actually need Delia just to remain going. With no money of any sort there isn''t a hope in hell of buying a decent squad capable of competing in upper tier of this league and who the hell would come and manager this bloody club anyway, Big Sam you must be joking. I am well aware of what this club is what it has what it can and can''t do and until that "Sinks in" some people are going to bang on about the same $hite day in day out until they die. Am I happy about any of it? No. Can I do diddly squat about it? No. Am I going to the game Saturday for a laugh and a joke a few pints and to enjoy the match? YES. Am I a mug? Probabally Do I give to Shinny $hites? No why because I have a healthy grip on reality. [/quote]Best post on here for weeks and weeks. My sentiments entirely
  10. [quote user="Vern "]I cant speak French, so I''ll let the funky music do the talking.....[/quote] Oh, Oh, Oh,............... Saw them Friday at Newmarket.............Loverly!!!
  11. [quote user="Cult_of_Personality_Wizard"][quote user="Clipped Wizard"][quote user="Scooby"] "Ooooh, ooooh, look at me everybody, I''m sooooo full of my own self importance !!!!" Do me a favour.  If it''s not bad enough have one moaning grumpy old pessimist on here he''s actually managed to convince a bunch of gullible fools to jump on his little wiz wagon. Jeez!! Do you lot of little "Miniwiz''s" have any idea how ridiculous you sound? A piece of advice.  Take a step back, have a look....................... and start begging Pete to delete. Baaaaaaaahhhh......................Baaaaaaaahhhhhhh [/quote] Pssssssss..... Scooby! It''s a joke! Calm down. We don''t want anyone to get over excited! [/quote]   Oh, is it "irony" again then ? Of course it was a joke but 1st Wiz has always been full of himself and I suspect that there was just a little note of egotism thereas well. Anyway, who cares on this doldrums of a MB. [/quote] I care.  It''s because of stupid pointless threads like this that makes this message board what did you call it?
  12. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Delia Out, skint and the Champs new whipping boys, then stick ''wizard'' on the end of your username, then we all know instantly your standpoint. Snakepit wizard, CT Wizard and Gorleston Wizard has a nice ring don''t yo think?................even Yankee Wizard works!.[;)] [/quote]   Not another self attention seeking post Wiz? No surely not...........
  13. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Salahuddin"] Several days ago I wrote an email to Mr Cullum, urging him to keep trying. I recieved a response today. I will change it slighlty so it will hopefully get past Pete''s rigid censorship! I''m afraid its not much, but it is refreshing that a Billionaire actually replies to emails!   The simple fact is Delia is not for selling.  I remain puzzled by the whole situation.  I’ll remain in the background.     [/quote] A few words speaks thousands eh Salahuddin?. [/quote] Why sell when offered in reality, pennies? Puzzled? Offer a proper price then. Will remain in the background. Yeah you watch from a distance while  watching the club you "love" self destruct all because your underhand tactics.  Good work.
  14. [quote user="Daisy Duke "]and come out TODAY and exp;ain what''s been happening. I presume this take-over collapse has been announced on a Friday to give her a chance to lie low over the week-end, but we want an explanation now. They owe us that at least. Maybe they will but I''m not holding my breath.[/quote] How about Cullum coming out and saying EXACTLY what his proposal was. If it couldnt meet "current legal and contractual obligations" how on earth was a deal meant to be done. I am as dissapointed as the next man though
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