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  1. I When it was iFollow used to have picture at least 30 mins before kick-off!
  2. Following Naturalcynic's handy hints posted above worked for me.
  3. Hi jj, malam Pak, I am now back in UK. Was 4 years Kelapa Gading North Jakarta - go to www.canaries.co.uk follow link.
  4. Following your method also successful - many thanks. All other replies much appreciated. OTBC
  5. Tried to purchase pass but web site not processing payment, anyone else have issues?
  6. Another sad loss in such sad circumstances. Thoughts to his family. RIP Paul Mariner
  7. It was Kelapa Gading Jakarta, but now good old NR1
  8. Sound plan. I also hope that the club arranges for him to return when the ground can be full again, so he can be given the send off he deserves.
  9. I would try Giannoulis as CB and Sorenson as LB. That gives a left footed CB with Hanley.
  10. I know about the recent purchase. Agree about City Stand but grey cells remembering spread in EEN with diagrams showing the option, maybe need to rethink cells memory. I would agree City Stand is next to be developed.
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