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  1. Why bother when we've got the best PM since MT?
  2. Bang enough shots on target and sooner or later one or two will find a way through.
  3. Pleased to see a smiling Todd back on the pitch and playing a part in the second goal.
  4. BLM is all about intimidation and 'daring' those they accuse to answer back.. Jobs and careers are at stake so they know they will get away with it.
  5. They are basically calling you a racist simply because it gives them power over you.
  6. They don't need to play in the same team ot compare... that is a silly thing to say.
  7. It is happening on the 'field of play' which makes it a 'football matter'.
  8. We don't win too many games wihout his 'play acting' though do we? We got promoted to the PL without Madison.
  9. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Madison is a diver like Kane so what ever floats your boat football wise.
  10. The world lost the genius of John Lennon. Just think of all of the great songs and music we will never get to hear.
  11. Madison constantly looking for free kicks did my head in. Good player but would take Emi all day long.
  12. Ahhhh.... that old chestnut. That is called attempted 'reverse psychology' and is as transparent as hell.
  13. They are doing it to preserve their careers and protect their families from abuse.
  14. I wonder if the police killing had happened in Norwich whether the Americans would have come out in support or are we just copying a foreign problem and making it our own? To me it is just hype and the authorities are now too scared to stop the runaway train that it has become.
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