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  1. You’d moan if you where having a threesome that it wasn’t a foursome. Sometimes things don’t work out and a few goals in the Dutch second division doesn’t mean your ready to play PL football.
  2. Soto will be on loan in Portugal next season…
  3. The club had been talking to Berghuis for a while. Had the Wolfsburg interest not come he was very open to coming. Wages are a big factor for Bundesliga with less tax and points bonuses.
  4. The Euros are being played, players and club staff are still on holidays etc. You have nothing to be worrying about. It’s going to be an eventful 7-10 days coming
  5. Every PL club and around 6/7 Championship clubs scout heavily across Europe (and now SA). With data, plenty of Analysts and hard working scouts, no players are a secret, it’s just the sales pitch, money that your club offers and if they are the right fit for the club. Basically, Palace will have seen all of our targets, probably competing for them aswell like 5/6 other PL clubs. What we have is a modern club set up, a young manager that believes in and develops young players and we try to play attractive football. Which, despite the pessimism from our fans is actually very attractive to potential signings over other PL clubs.
  6. Somebody with some sense. Buendia wanted to leave last season and had an arrangement that if he delivered this season and got the club 25m+ he could leave. He delivered more which lead to the bigger fee. He doesn’t want to be here any longer. He wants to be in the national team regularly, aiming to play in Europe and more importantly paid what we can’t give him. This has been planned for since last summer
  7. Correct and It’s another farcical rumour anyway. Andrich is the main CM target with another playing in France
  8. So if they still played poor football in the early PL days, what are you trying to be clever for? The statement I made was that Barnsley play Sh!t football, which I just so happened to compare to Bolton when they played sh!t football.
  9. It’s not wrong, they play Sh!t football. End of.
  10. Nah, they played good stuff under Struber. Ismael has just made them like Bolton in the PL. It would hurt your eyes, trust me
  11. They play absolutely woeful football, nothing like what we play under Farke so don’t hedge your bets on that one
  12. Yet to be seen but been kicked out of two top academies already... On good authority, he won’t be a Norwich player anytime soon
  13. And isn’t a winger...and I wouldn’t say were weak out wide either...
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