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  1. He was one of their highest earners on 22k a week and has agreed to join Sheff United on 32k, Stoke had no chance keeping him
  2. He’ll be eligible as a wildcard signing with only gaining 13 GBE points
  3. You aren’t a million miles away to be fair, the biggest difference in B2 is less turnovers per game than the Championship. The Championship has a lowest ball in play percentage in Europe so lots of short sharp sprints over 46 games (hence high injuries across squads) B2 play once a week and only also have a 34 game season. It is a gulf for players to come from there and adapt quickly
  4. Omobamidele was 10k. Unbelievable business.
  5. “It’s the same as paying a fee” but no money was exchanged…
  6. Its a pity your posts don’t reflect your name 🙄
  7. We didn’t pay any fee for Regan Riley, they owed us money for Wildshut so it was agreed we’d take Regan and waiver the money owed.
  8. Idah has resale value so of course you let him go, to potentially get a fee
  9. Far from “wot I reckon” I only post facts. The club are losing a lot of senior players, for what Jacob is earning and the ability to play across numerous positions aswell as being a good person/pro, you keep people like him around.
  10. He’s well liked around the training ground amongst staff and players. His wife is having a baby so he wants a definitive place the baby came be born etc.
  11. Sorensen has a years option but is negotiating a new two year deal.
  12. No chance the club will pay him up. He wanted to leave during January to which they refused.
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