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  1. After tonight's game, it Sterling is anywhere near the starting lineup for England at the euros, Southgate needs shooting
  2. Laughed my head off when Manchester City morphed into Stoke City with those "long" throws from Walker. A **** version of Stoke by the way.
  3. All depends how serious Maguires injury is, but this is my england team Pickford Trippier, Stones, Maguire/Coady, Shaw Rice, Bellingham Foden, Mount, Grealish Kane
  4. If Nyland doesn't stay then maybe we could get Paulo Gazzaniga who has been let go by Tottenham. His only 29 and has premiership experience with both Spurs and Southampton.
  5. Sunderland are still a big side even in league 1, so another obstacle for the binners to overcome next year.
  6. Want to see how upset bearded dwarf Pearson and Danjuma are.
  7. Hopefully the squad gets "cherry" picked and they struggle next year and get relegated to League 1
  8. Hodgson's record at palace is 11th,12th,14th and currently 13th...any of us would probably be pretty happy to have that sort of league position.
  9. Not really interested but if the quality of the games are poor then the binners must have been really terrible and Paul Cook has a massive rebuild in the summer.
  10. Part 1 of the Brentford annual choke has sadly begun
  11. I want Bournemouth out because of that cheating bearded dwarf Pearson, also don't like Danjuma down to his showboating thinking they had won the league after beating us with 10 men.
  12. Hope atletico madrid and lille hold on in la liga and the French league as inter Milan have won serie a for a change
  13. After that cheating bearded dwarf Pearson got Giannoulis sent off, and the showboating by that **** Darjuma I'm hoping its anyone but Bournemouth.
  14. Who won young player of the year then?
  15. The third man from the Apollo 11 mission to the moon has died at 90 today.
  16. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/40198/town-confirm-change-of-sponsor Perfect sponsor for the binners the name says it all
  17. you forgot pissed from too much drink, so would probably still be able to hit the target more then the current bunch
  18. Giannoulis is 100% the better defender, Albert Adomah had Quintilla on toast when he came on Saturday for QPR. The only advantage Quintilla has as several posters have already said is his set piece delivery is pretty good, only problem being is we hardly score from corners and from open play hardly play Hugill who would benefit from crosses and his game doesn't suit pukki who hardly scores with his head.
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