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  1. After yesterday's game, it is imperative we get a holding defensive midfielder thorough the door asap
  2. Arsenal are just rubbish now, so can't really say they were rusty. Liverpool won't probably be making the same mistakes.
  3. I'll be there double jabbed with my covid pass on my phone just in case it is needed.
  4. I was going to put lukaku in straight away but his got to pass covid protocols so won't be playing until next week. So strike force or calvert-lewin, ings and antonio it is.
  5. Without a holding defensive midfielder to protect the defence from getting bullied and battered every week, anything above 18th will be a miracle.
  6. Good tip is go for established players to begin with. Any new foreign signings will take time to bed in, and any promoted team will either have a awful run of games (us) or generally struggle.
  7. We had a young team for our last premiership campaign and finished bottom , I can't see how anything will be different this time around.
  8. Their fans are claiming it will help sell loads of shirts in the states for fans of his "music"
  9. Noticed the bearded cheating dwarf Pearson wasn't playing, was he injured or has scott parker realised his ****
  10. Good strikers cost money....money we are not willing to spend either in a transfer fee and/or wages. Case in point Blackburn putting a inflated transfer fee on Adam Armstrong And secondary we have recently been burnt with Van Wolfswinkel and Naismith both being expensive flops.
  11. But Brighton are a established premier league team and we are little old Norwich who just yo yo.
  12. European Super League: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus 'will continue with plans' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58032324 Like a zombie this idea will never die, and with Man City looking to spend 100 million on one player it might actually happen.
  13. They are excited a wba reject who didn't want to work with valerian ismeal has joined them
  14. We all know Sterling likes to go down quicker then a hooker looking for any sort of penalty
  15. The bearded cheating dwarf should be no where near our club
  16. Mount has been the pick of the bunch, maybe Foden
  17. This is Southgate we are talking about, his not going to stop playing 2 holding midfielders.
  18. Yeah but can you imagine, Bojo the clown letting that happen.
  19. Another swede who impressed was danielson, could be an upgrade on zimmerman
  20. not with that line up we are not...out of form sterling over jack grealish, walker over james. And playing a right back at left back when you have two decent left backs who are in form is utter stupidity.
  21. Also most of them haven't figured out we have sold a player for the same amount of their whole club
  22. Played the full 90 minutes for Greece in a 1-1 draw with Belguim. The only interesting thing from the BBC report is the Greece manager played him on the left of midfield 3, if we hypothetically were able to get another left back in could you see Farke moving Giannoulis to play in the same position?
  23. The only two logical options are Ward-Prowse or Lingard In my opinion I would pick Ward-Prowse over Lingard as we actually have better attacking midfielders like Foden, Grealish & Mount that Lingard would be a waste.
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