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  1. This gem of a sport's question was on tipping point this afternoon Get your thinking hats on. Which team did not feature in the 2019/2020 Premier League season?Ipswich Town, Manchester City or Liverpool.
  2. Sargent looks like he was won a year long stay in the premiership with Make a wish and we have been conned out of 8m.
  3. We tend to struggle against 10 men, if we played with the intensity like we had against wolves rather then revert back to farkeball, we would have won.
  4. It's because under Smith he looks a completely different player and was pretty dangerous against wolves.
  5. Rashica out with a groin injury is a massive bummer, as he was slowly getting into some sort of form.
  6. Rashica out with a groin injury is a massive bummer, as he was slowly getting into some sort of form.
  7. Trevoh Chalobah, from being in the binners team relegated to league 1 to scoring in the Champions League..
  8. Us, Luton, Peterborough, MK Dons, Cambridge, Binners.
  9. Norway without haaland are bang average.
  10. This game is giving me flashbacks of when Chelsea stuffed us 7-0.
  11. We will definitely beat derby's lowest points total. We need to score 3 goals yet alone 1 to realistically win a game, and we struggle to get the ball on target/ score goals as it is.
  12. You really need to see a doctor your delusions are becoming very worrying.
  13. Haha no chance, Leeds could put their reserve team out and still beat us
  14. Sargent would make a decent golfer, that putt he produced last week was worthy of the ryder cup
  15. Kruls kicking isn't very good, he was definitely culpable for the 3rd goal.
  16. But then showed some fight to win the next game including coming from behind. The gulf between the leagues isn't that big... we are that bad we make it look like a chasm.
  17. But mystic lakey thought we could get a result against Chelsea
  18. Makes you wonder what a waste of money this soccer bot thing is, as our players look so out of depth in the premier league.
  19. I know it's only Andorra, but with Foden pulling the strings in midfield, it shows what a massive miss he was in the Euros especially the final.
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