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  1. It looks that our squad needs all the best players for that. I'm hoping that Normann improves a lot.
  2. Emi was good in last season but it wasn't about him last time in prem. It's a bigger problem and more quality and replacements needed.
  3. Yes quality.. but we need desperately more support for him. Normann is good but still not Buendia.
  4. He always works hard and he's not just a goal scorer but also creates changes. True team player! And 4 goals at this point is actually quite well for anyone. Just look the names around him at the top scorers list..
  5. Stupid... Do you really believe that something will change?
  6. DF has given him enough time to show what he can.. They should try something new or nothing changes. But the real problem is the lack of creativity in the midfield. Now they are a way too slow and cannot offer enough support for Pukki who is still making all the time his runs.
  7. Maybe DF's game philosophy just doesn't work in prem. But there's a lot of games still to play..
  8. His all goals for Finland: Teemu Pukki – KAIKKI 33 MAALIA Huuhkajille | ALL 33 GOALS for the Huuhkajat! | 2012–2021 - YouTube
  9. Great performance and Pukki's goal was mentally huge! Nice to see Giannoulis aggressive play.
  10. Teemu was there when he was needed, once again. Great achievement but also great performance from the whole team!
  11. Is there any news about Pukki? Can he play against Luton?
  12. Well, Pukki has worked a lot and created several good places for mates. Not many good places for him..
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