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  1. Bet he wished he had not passed a fitness test.  Deflected both first 2 goals and conceded free kick for the 3rd. Watching the 1st goal though you have to blame the system.  Edworthy plays a god awful clearance across the front of the area to Francis who has no hope with Liverpool players breathing down his neck to play a first touch ball back to Safri who had little time to control or clear and ended up losing possession. Safri was in fact as deep as Edworthy had been.  The conclusion is that all the midfielders are simply too close and have no space - get rid of that diamond and give the defence some space.  Finally what does Holt have to do to get subbed let alone dropped?
  2. Green Edworthy, Fleming, Charlton, Drury; Safri, Francis, Holt, McVeigh; Doc, Hux.   Subs:  Ward, Bentley, MacKenzie, Helveg, plus 1
  3. I think the biggest problem with the diamond formation is that with Saffri at the base there cannot be room for Gary Holt.  Much as I admire Gary he is not a creative midfielder.  In the Championship he can run all over the place and make up for his lack of creation by eventually hasslingplayers out of possession.  This simply can''t happen in the Prem.  Players are too good.  The answer?  I don''t know but I do know that Saffri, Helveg, Francis, Mulryne, McVeigh, Bentley all represent better options and in the case of the first two equally good defensive attributes.  I also think Holt gets in the way of the back four by playing too deep.  Sorry Gary but you are  late sub to cover tiring legs when we are winning.
  4. Now that Keith Briggs has been released that makes 8 players out and 8 in.  So we still have a relatively small squad. Out Crichton, Briggs, MacKay, Rivers, Sinclair, Easton, Rivers, Roberts & Abbey In Ward, Gallagher, Helveg, Charlton, Saffri, Bentley, Jonson & Docherty A bit of an improvement there methinks - not one of the "Outs" would make an impression on the Premiership.   OTBC
  5. http://www.spursodyssey.com/0405/resnoh200904.html
  6. Still no more rumourd floating around. Do you think Worthy will stick with what he has unless injuries or suspensions kick in?
  8. But James the corner between the Barclay and the new stand is designated for a hotel so there will only be one infill leaving us at about 26000 which is probably not enough. Hence the dilemma about the City stand. Any further loan player rumours anyone?
  9. Good post Pete. Incidentally, my post on MacPhail and Docerty looks weak - both played yesterday!!!
  10. One of the stewarts (who was a Spurs fan!!!!) told me yesterday that there would be a hotel in both corners - yeah right! But he did confirm that he had heard about the city stand extension and said we already owned Carrow Road so this was going ahead. Not true yet I think. To put another tier on the new stand would be really difficult without costing a shed load of money. What did people think about the lack of exits for half time refreshments - any solution? I can''t see one as there is no way out of the back of the stand.
  11. Apparently McPhail from Leeds and Docherty from Spurs.
  12. As a negative post, the front row of the new stand is terrible viewing - what the hell is going on there? When you take into consideration the advertising boardings spectators are really going to struggle to see much of the action. Indentally rumour has it that we are about to sign someone anyone got any idea who it might be?
  13. Keeping on the original story - if we have a waiting list of 1000 people for season tickets (which I believe we have) then I would say the infill is a no brainer. Bring on the City stand mark 2.
  14. Our capacity would be 27000 with an infill. This could possibly go to 31000 with a double level in the City Stand - would this be enough or would it be too much?
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