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  1. Well for all this pessimism about us getting a good bashing, and believe me I do think we will lose, but I cant see anyone coming up with a better option with what we have available
  2. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but I thought after shaking the oppositions managers hand at the end of the match, Smith threw his hands in the air whilst looking at our board in the crowd
  3. blooming heck, I ran out of breath trying to read that without any commas in it
  4. Remember what Tzolis and Sargent done to Bournemouth ....... well Newcastle aren't that much better than Championship level
  5. Well were not going to wait until January, so lets rule this one out
  6. Think that's a bit unfair, remember he kept them up in 2019/20 when they finished 17th
  7. I don't know where all these names are coming from, if it was only decided on Thursday to sack Farke then it will have to be someone who is available to takeover in the next few days, I think it will probably be Roy Hodgson until the end of the season. lets face it he has been at Carrow Road watching us play lately, and then a permanent manager appointed when we know what division were in next season.
  8. Agreed Tetteys Jig, they are targets for a reason, and we need to start thinking that our valuations may be a bit low, to me it seems like we are trying to barter for every player we need
  9. Well I wish the lad all the best, and just want to thank him for helping us get back to the Premiership, but one man does not make a team, and remember he was here the last time we were here and finished tailed off, so let's not shed too many tears, and lets look forward to some exciting new players coming in, and that will also be thanks to Emi for giving us the opportunity to strengthen the team through the cash from his sale
  10. It really depends on whether he has any ambitions to play for his country or not, on where he decides to go next.
  11. Tottenham react as EFL club make Oliver Skipp transfer proposal (msn.com) That's a setback if true
  12. but to answer your question, no it's not on sky
  13. this site might be useful to you FlashScore.com: Live Football Scores, Livescore just hover over the tv screen symbol and it tells you where it's on
  14. Norwich to be winning at half time/full time 2/1 that will do for me
  15. my worry is that both Gibson and Sorensen are on 3 yellows with 5 matches to go before the cut off point for a ban
  16. of course every other team has an international goalkeeper as a reserve
  17. I'm struggling to understand why people on here think that Drmic will ever be considered to put on a Norwich City shirt again, I thought the man was told he is not wanted by the club, so I cant see DF doing a u turn and asking him to play now for the main team
  18. Hi all, first time post but a follower of NFC since I lived in Sprowston as a nipper 62 years ago. Just wanted to say hello, and hope to get involved in the discussions ongoing
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