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  1. I understand what you are getting at. But surely you can see that the female / male difference is a pretty necessary separation. Female sport would barely exist without it. You could look at tennis and divide them up into categories based on serve power to try to get a competition based on technical ability. But you wouldn't - it would be rubbish and that extra power is very much a valid part of the game. there are so many things you could create categories for (power, endurance) it becomes stupid - but gender isn't one of them. Categorisation is needed in other sports though, think about most combat sports. If you didn't have weight categories just about every male competing would need to about 6 foot 4 minimum!
  2. Yes. Fiona Kolbringer won the 2019 Transcontinental. But that doesn't prove any gender is better, especially as all the previous 6 were won by males (with faster times) Although yes, the gap does close at the ultra endurance level. But the companies you mention do get carried away and push their luck with the attention grabbing headlines
  3. Careful. I've not written anything off and repeated the fact that I don't have the answer - nor do I think there is one. We also don't have to face the consequences of the difficulties transgender people face. I think it will be seen as women winning womens sport. Rightly or wrongly the constant referrals to them as 'transmen' and 'transwoman' will fade.
  4. I think you are confusing the fact that the gap between the genders closes as the distance increases. It doesn't disappear. Where are you getting this information? I think there was a time in the 70s when they believed woman would outcompete men in ultra endurance events due to the rate of improvement they were seeing in the times. But what was actually happening was the level of training was improving as well as accessibility getting more women with higher potential involved. Eventually diminishing returns set in and the gap didn't close
  5. My answer to the question was leaning to "yes' so it's going to be the same answer to male or female sports specifically. I guess I think where we are going is the fact that people are not going to be referred to as a "trans person" but rather their chosen gender. So it won't be seen as a trans woman setting the new 100m record - It will be seen as a woman. Many won't like that for many reasons, but thats where I see this going. The points you put out in your rugby example are the valid criticisms and part of why this is so complicated. Ultimately I think women's sport in the future won't be destroyed but will have many participants who were born male, or as they would genuinely feel and have lived with until transition "in the wrong body" To be clear though I don't actually know what the 'right' answer is. I just think this is where it's heading, changing attitudes in society will eclipse anything else now. You've only got to look at how JK Rowling was shut down. It will happen in sport I feel. On a separate note I do think that the forced lowering of testosterone is going to be looked on poorly by future attitudes. Not to mention the fact that it was even put to someone who is actually female. Ok this is completely unrelated but I think to take one factor isn't the best idea. Are reaction times or spacial awareness not relevant in a fighter jet? (men do better.) Theres probably hundreds of other factors you might want to consider too. The end result is that you won't be picking your pilots based on their gender. Although I do imagine fighter jet pilots will soon be a thing of the past anyways. Also what if we were to say the average reaction time of 10 men was 0.5 seconds and of 10 woman was 0.7 would you take a team of exclusively men? It would ignore the fact that there could be huge individual differences and that it might well be someone from the woman's group who posted the fastest time. No reason to deny her because Karen on the back took all of 8 seconds.
  6. I fear this is a question that will never get a satisfactory answer. I don't think there can be any denial that in most sports theres going to be an advantage, but are some things bigger than sports? from the guardian “Running has been so important for my identity, my growth as a person, and my ability to survive in a world that discriminates against me,” Andraya Yearwood wrote to the court. “I am thankful that I live in Connecticut where I can be treated as a girl in all aspects of life and not face discrimination at school.”" So for me when you consider the hardship people go through, the massively increased rate of suicide attempts, it's just hard to look at sport and say "Ok you're a girl, but not when it comes to this" As I say I don't know what a good resolution would look like. I think i've landed on the belief that it's probably heading in the right direction. Most sport's aren't won purely on technique or ability, genetics and power have always played a key role. I don't know what regulations will have to be in place - not for a minute do I believe someone should be able to declare themselves female then rock up at the olympics a few months later. But if we are accepting there are people who were born in the wrong body then for me we have to accept that some of those would have been athletes, yet its complicated by the fact that an athletics career will open up to a greater proportion of them than otherwise would have. It's not fair but then I guess life isn't - when I weigh up that up against the suffering the LGBT community goes through it's probably the better result.
  7. I’m a little worried that Swindon may genuinely have believed that person was his girlfriend. ....because I think there’s a fair chance he was romance scammed.
  8. At £89 million id hope for a little more than “may”.... Oh no wait. I don’t hope that at all. on a serious note I do think Sheffield United were rightly applauded for their efforts last season, both on and off the pitch. But it just goes to show how quickly things can change in football.
  9. I do hope we get another visit from that Sheffield United fan who paid the forum a visit towards the end of last season. I’m mildly interested in his thoughts on how things have progressed since.
  10. That’s a fair question but you could say that about a lot of things. Why do people play video games? Why do people enjoy watching people play video games? Why do people play sport / watch people play sport / comment on forums about people playing sport / look on jealously at those trying to make something of themselves on social media etc. Not saying that last point applies to you but considering many have been without live football for such a long time and may not have seen friends or family in that time. Spending a couple of hours a week watching Norwich alongside a stream with a few hundred other fans probably does more for some people than you might imagine.
  11. Agree completely. They’ve managed to get a few decent interviews and their numbers seem to be growing consistently. Fair play to them.
  12. Not that I have anything against his choice of footwear but I can’t see this having any effect when it comes to confusing people. If anything I think having football / grass coloured boots would be your best bet for drawing fouls at speed but it would end up fooling the ref as well.
  13. Stoke a little over a month ago. I'm looking forward to the return of Onel, someone to switch the pace up somewhat and get at these fullbacks will add a fair bit to us I feel, maybe combining with Aarons. At the moment I'm seeing our better opportunities come from when teams like QPR fail in a counter attack leaving us able to get at them whilst they were running out. Our current way of playing works. But it looks it's worst when opponents are able to keep us. For me if our goal last night had come in the first half and forced QPR out earlier we could have got 2 or 3.
  14. Thanks for the reply but it was largely rhetorical, I don't expect anyone can know what will be what but my worry is without wage caps coming in everywhere from day 1 it's just not going to work. My only genuine question was in response to saying wage caps work in other sports. I agree they do, but I can't find a single example where they don't include the teams at the top. I do agree with you that bringing in the salary cap to the championship will eventually pressure the premier league to do the same later but there could be a few years of turbulence inbetween.
  15. They may do but are there any examples where the top league is exempt? What happens in a year when a team like Everton, Newcastle or West Ham get relegated? Know that with their owners they will survive and instead of cutting their wage bill just ride the year out and outcompete everyone else with their vastly superior squad. It's much less a dilemma when the point deduction isn't coming until they return to the top flight. I honestly don't think there's an acceptable solution in this unless the premier league has one too. The big boys will hate that but maybe that's where we are heading anyway. Spending a lot of money must have been a lot of fun when it basically guaranteed you a champions league space. I can only think it's a matter of time before the bubble explodes. You have the likes of Arsenal and United wanting to sack their manager every 5 minutes without wanting to acknowledge the fact that they are just not as good as they were and thats with only Spurs and Leicester looking like they are going to muscle their way in. God knows what happens when eventually someone like Newcastle actually manage to join the financial elite as well.
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