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  1. I think it’s just needs the opening music to Reservoir Dogs
  2. Maybe it’s the chance to be closer to home that appeals?
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61852474 Would have been nice to see him grace Carrow Road once more, even if it was for a different team. But imagine the nerves if Stoke got a last minute free kick just outside the area….
  4. Where there is a snippet of information there is a new thread, or ten……
  5. There’s a row going on, down near Scole? Not quite got the same ring has it though
  6. That’s an interesting idea. Reverting to his former position. Surely he’s too good to spend too much time on the bench?
  7. I agree that he always wanted the ball. Trouble was, no one wanted to pass to him as they knew he would just pop it straight back to them, leaving them under pressure from the press. How he got so much game time last season I’ll never know.
  8. On a slightly different note, with Everton touted as Tarkowski’s next destination, I wonder where that leaves Godfrey?
  9. I’m gobsmacked that Dowell is only 24 - I thought he was at least 30!
  10. I think there is more chance of Farke greasing the internal wheels so that Webber can become Gladbach’s sporting director…..
  11. It’s about as exciting as this season’s FA cup but without the penalties!
  12. Clearly someone has nicked the wheels off the coach.
  13. The new manger meets the Carrow Road faithful
  14. Pre-game ‘on the ball city’ to be replaced by ‘the star spangled banner’, stadium to be renamed the Brewbuc County Superdome, and the new team shorts to have loops for those little towel things to hang on….but at least the hot dogs will increase in size
  15. Considering he was supposed to be one for the future, it makes last seasons recruitment look even more lame if he goes.
  16. I could only listen to a few minutes of it. All spin.
  17. For me, less is more. The 70’s Coventry shirt is way better than the new one. It’s bad enough having the sponsors logo making a mess of the style, but what’s with the arrows on the shoulders and the broken glass pattern within the stripes?
  18. It’s Webber. He locked himself in the broom cupboard a month ago and has only just managed to find the fire alarm button to call for help.
  19. Is it Kings Lynn you are thinking off? I can’t think of nobody else within a 100 mile radius for the life of me!
  20. How we will miss the midfield maestro. His poise, his pinpoint cross field passes, his wonderful free kicks, his panic-inducing corners, the flicks, the penetrating runs, the incisive through balls. Geez, we really are going to miss him……
  21. It seems the team have no idea what the game plan is either! For example, considering Rashica and Pukki have had a good number of games together now, they still play like complete strangers. To quote the great Barry- wos gorn on in trainun!
  22. I can’t see any sign of it either. Playing Norman who is on loan, and pushing Sorensen into a back three when we had Zimbo on the bench, then bringing Rupp in when the game was already out of reach instead of giving one of the fringe players a run out? Our game plan seemed to consist of lumping the ball into the channels, and if that was not an option, playing the ball backwards or conceding possession. We can point the finger at our defence but I think any defence would struggle when you are defending for 80% of the game!
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