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  1. I agree withg nmtd statement to a certain extent you have valid points, as i sit right on the back row in the lower barclay i not once this season have sat down as everyone in front of me is standing. It''s unfair for me to pay for a season ticket then sit down when clearly i arent going to see the game, it wont happen mate. also when most of the barclay is sitting down the amosphere IS non existent compared to when most of the barclay are standing, how come stewards and poilce dont moan at fans to sit down during derby matches? not once have i seen the barclay seated when we r playing them down the road!! i am not saying that stewards and police don''t have a job to do because it is clear they have, stewards at carrow road i havent got a problem with, it''s the poilce, their attitude this season towards some fans are out of order. we all want to support our team that''s why we are there, if they talked to us with respect rather than ''i''m a poilceman and u will do what i say'' attitude maybe their relationship with the fans would be better. my point is at the moment they are doing themselves no favours and if they continue to treat fans the way they have been, fans will make it even more diffucult for them to do their jobs. I for one would be prepared to pay the same for standing but it isnt going to happen. it''s alright for people to say poilce have a job to do, but if a member of public wouldve spoke to some people the way they did at the wimbledon match they wouldve got a smack in the mouth! all i ask for is a bit of respect nothing more.
  2. u r a river ender aint u mate!!
  3. After checking out the message board (it''s been a while) I noticed the above subject! A message to the club, chill the police out, why have they all of a sudden become idiots, they used to be ok, harassing fans who appear to be only singing and getting behind the lads with maybe the occcasional friendly gesture to the away support (let''s face it man we all lose it sometimes and do it) is a bit much aint it. Let us enjoy our time when we r at a match and not worry about u lot breathing down our necks, its not needed. Basically to the boys in their uniforms, u need to relax a little. let the stewards tell us to sit down, it is there job not yours.
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