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  1. It's fine. Looks much sharper on digital media especially when reduced to smaller size. I mean, it's barely changed anyway, imagine if had it been a fresh design the meltdown would have been immense
  2. I think the exciting news was never anything to do with this. It was the Partnership with the Brazilian club and something else possibly even the signing of Hayden if that was sufficiently advanced it looked like a done deal. I doubt Webber would have been hinting about the investment being imminent if it was still being negotiated, isn't going to be a real investment in the club anyway and likely might come to nothing. I suspect that the pinkun did think that was what he was referring to which is why they rushed ahead to get the story out while it was still an exclusive. If the pinkun hadn't got wind of it and in the end the investment comes to nothing we would probably have never known about it and the club still telling us there is no interest from anyone tu buy Norwich.... Who knows
  3. Sounds fair enough. I think if he had said that he had a grand old time it was a great laugh being at Norwich, then it would be more annoying
  4. Not necessarily. I would however say that only a fool would invest in the club without proper corporate governance being put in place as a prerequisite. Also I assume they would require the right to appoint a representative to the board.
  5. Same fans that were "consulted" for the new badge
  6. I can't say exactly what fans were hoping for from this interview, but I would guess a lot were expecting Webber to take a major share of responsibility for the poor season instead of making a series of excuses and finger pointing. It's not about the 'fans' comment in isolation, it was yet more disasterous PR from him. We keep hearing that most sporting directors don't give this level of transparency, week maybe Webber should take note and stay out of the limelight. Not really sure what he thought was gained by this interview, certainly not appeasing the fan base
  7. We need an outsider who can bring a fresh perspective. Really hope Adams is just the holiday cover rather than being groomed for the job full time
  8. Good points although I don't think we need to abandon the loan system altogether. Really we should have loaned out Sorenson (and Idah?) to get game time when we were last in the championship. Then when Skipp departed we may already have had a replacement ready to go
  9. He says he tried to leave but Delia and Michael begged him to stay. The owners seem happy for him to give 90% and pursue his other interests instead of replacing him.
  10. No. As should have happened this season we need a proper defensive midfielder. That will help sort out defence.
  11. I suspect that may be born out of necessity though. The players we have aren't capable of playing the attractive possession game at this lev. If they were I reckon Farke would have managed to get them performing. He is being pragmatic to get results; something Farke was unwilling or incapable of doing
  12. We already saved time effort and money by not bothering in the January window
  13. Farke wasn't going to keep us up. We needed a change. We will probably still go down but at least we have tried something. Not sure who you were expecting was going to want the job that would be "better".
  14. I guess you have to trust that he is the best judge of this and would not have engaged if he felt he needed a break. Maybe he wants to get back in the saddle and prove a point
  15. The thing is it's easy to point to Dean Smiths failings in the Premier league because he actually has some experience in it. Knutsen is the hipster choice but as you say massive gamble.
  16. I believe it's possible to do a free trial of amazon prime
  17. I think it's too early to answer that question but clearly we will know by the end of the season when the starting 11 could be very different. I think the point is all the players we signed have potential to become starters in the Prem that doesn't mean they will walk into the team
  18. Lol. How has the model been tested to destruction in the Premier league? We have had one season in the Premier league under Farke.
  19. Im not sure they have necessarily prioritised those transfers, it's more a case that those are the ones they managed to get over the line first. Pretty sure if they could have signed a CB and CDM at the beginning of the window they would have. It's just the way it's panned out. The club has been open that we still have business to do.
  20. I think he needs to get match fit though. That means playing. It might be more a question of when to sub him.
  21. Yes I thought he played alright. First half anyway
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