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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9532957/The-inside-story-Norwichs-return-big-time-details-not-dollars-matter.html Reveals that we almost had some money stopped due to ESL, the vegetable patch and more about the new training system coming in and plans to install swimming pools for injury recovery.
  2. The thing is, we've just come out of a season in which not a single thing went well for us. We've signed twelve players who all need to gel. Farke is also playing a different style of football, which takes its time to implement. There's always going to be comparisons to the season we won the league, but this is very, very different. I always thought we should be looking at the situation again around Christmas. I stand by that. I think this side needs patience to rid us of last year's demons, bed in and gel together.
  3. I agree with the sentiment, if not the overtly aggressive way in which it's been said. Has this guy got anger problems or something?
  4. You mean beyond getting promoted as champions two seasons ago all while turning this club into one capable of producing and bringing along talent worth tens of millions out of a club facing very likely administration due to the over spending and poor financial management of the previous regime? I mean other than that they've done NOTHING, have they?
  5. Indifferent! Honestly, you lot must have been expecting Ronaldo to walk through the door or something
  6. Oh come on. If any of you lot would have been told we'd keep Aarons, Cantwell and Emi, make enough money not to have to worry about the COVID losses and told we would sign 13 (isn't it?) players including Ben Gibson and Oli Skipp not a single one of you would have turned that down. We were one centre half away from a 10/10 window. Let's just hope the signings prove decidedly more effective than last season.
  7. Ha. Honestly, the state of views like this. Unless you're there in training on a daily basis, you aren't going to know this
  8. He's a striker. Are you saying he's going to get in ahead of Pukki, Hugill and Idah? He was clearly bought as Pukki's replacement. Let's leave Sinani to impress out in Belgium.
  9. I would say Oli Skipp is a far better, all round player. Not taking anything away from Tettey though, as he's definitely my favourite Norweigan from Ghana ever.
  10. If one player has to be dropped, Hernandez would probably be the one given his performance wasn't supposed to be as good as the others.
  11. Yes, I like her. Surprised BBC pays Gary Linekar what they do for MotD when they have people like this.
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