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  1. Has anyone seen their kit? It's rather similar to ours from a couple of years ago... Suspiciously so in fact.
  2. Get in. Definitely rode our luck, thought we probably edged the first half and them the second. On to the ... Spanish?
  3. Yes - god forbid we might actually score you have to say something positive.
  4. If you play top trumps you're right. As said, though, there are other considerations to make.
  5. Thanks for the photos above. Better than last year's. Won't be getting it.
  6. Statistically speaking you're both wrong. They're actually very similar. Morsy probably edges it. But that's before you consider McLean played the season across several positions whereas Morsy enjoyed consistency as to where and how he was played. I think both would get into most Championship teams without much fuss.
  7. Hard to argue with this. If your argument is "Karen Carney isn't an expert on football", it does ask the question - what actually counts as an expert? She's vastly more qualified than Ashley Williams (who, actually, I've quite enjoyed hearing from).
  8. NFL teams don't just play each other twice though, like English football.
  9. From my mostly lurking - you post a lot like him. Just less sweary. Are you and he in fact the same person?
  10. What an absolute nonsense. Being a fan of a football club doesn't give us the right to dictate what a person does with their body. There is no such thing as an ideal shape either. It's just not how it works. I think he looks great and all power to him for the work and effort that must have gone into getting into such shape, especially during a rehabilitation from a serious injury.
  11. I think you're spot on. So much has improved in such a little time. I hope (and think) it's just a manager who is now playing to our strengths and confidence returning. But the test will be whether we're still playing like this after the honeymoon phase that does come with new appointments is over.
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