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  1. Does anyone know west brom''s remaining fixtures? They were oh so lucky today but it just means Watford''s gonna be one huge party, so glad my dad''s got us tickets! Let''s just pray Sunderland kick the Scum''s ass in the play-offs shall we? And justice will be served. By the way, is it just me or is Joe Royle the funniest man in the division? Echoing Pink un quote from last issue he seems to think his players are the best inh the league, despit their results and league position. It could be the manager''s fault.... Oh, we''re gonna win the league, walsall stood no chance, bring on the Arsenal!
  2. Dude you have my utmost praise and my best wishes in the play-offs. I cant help but wish you beat the scummers in style at Cardiff, preferably by at least 5 goals, shoudn''t be too hard against their defence! The fact that Albion beat you today was homage to their complete inability to play any stylish or decent football, and despit you being the only team that could possibly have destroyed our automatic-promotion hope i was praying you beat them, just to leave us 5 points clear. Best of luck to you in the play-offs.
  3. Uh, you guyz probably all know my position on this, just check out "I''m an Ipswich supporter" thread if you don''t. I''m with you all the way wizard. THEY''RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF SCUMMERS. End of story.
  4. I am aware that some of my previous posts on this message board have been more than a little contraversial (see "I''m an Ipswich supporter" if you have never heard of me). However I must agree with all comments made on this particular thread about the gifted Reading goal. Considering some of the downright awful refereeing that has been shown not only at Carrow Road but at Norwich away games as well, it was delightful to see the entire profession pay us back on Monday. And for the record, I would also congratulate Phil Mulryne on his extremely well taken finish, helped no doubt by the immaculate pass he received from Mr Neale Barry, now to forever be immortalised in Norwich hearts. I would also, though it has not yeat been mentioned upon this thread, that both Malkay Mackay and Gary Holt should be playing for Scotland in Euro 2004, looking at Scotland''s frankly appalling goal difference. All I can finish on, is 2 points clear at the top, only 5 (or is it 6) games to go, and we''ll be playing in the higher place next season. ROCK ON NORWICH! (and it would also be nice to see the scum lose in the play-off final, about 5-0 would satisfy)
  5. I cant believe what I''m hearing, R u all insane? Promotion chasers or promotion chaser beaters ipswich are still the scum from a small town in essex. They''re still the ultimate lowlives on the planet. I live there, do you have any idea how much hostility they feel towards us? Any Ipswich fan will be hoping that norwich plummet from the throne of 1st place in the next few weeks, and i will for one be hoping to see ipswich freefall out of the play-off places and into mid-table obscurity come the end of the season. Blue and white are still the colours of Satan, and should be mocked, booed and abused all the way on our trip to the higher place. ROCK ON NORWICH CITY!
  6. Did any of you go to the derby game at their place? I know exactly what you guys are on about, it was completely silent even before McKenzie whacked 2 past em. We were making all of the noise, and if you listened or saw any of the game on the radio or the box, the Norwich fans were all that you could hear. Im only 15, but an avid Norwich supporter. Unfortunately, I live in the unspoken place, and you can imagine the kinda stick that I receive at school. So spare a thought. By the way, completely with you on the Radio Suffolk and Joe Royle points, but what do they know? They''ll still be nationwide, they''ll still be nationwide! Eh, hem, Huckerby Man of the Match on Sat.
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