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  1. What utter rot! Johnson is a serial adulterer, a compulsive liar, sacked or forced to leave every previous job for lying, is notoriously lazy, skived off afternoons to shag a mistress while mayor of London, repeatedly lied to parliament while PM, partied in No.10 while telling the nation that everyone had to abide by Covid regulations without exception, associated with Russian spies, ennobled donors and friends, etc, etc, etc. Now provide me a similar list for Starmer. https://x.com/g_gosden/status/1804895165049434213
  2. I think you may have just unknowingly cracked where Sunak gets his trousers from
  3. I was talking to a newsagent this morning who had previously worked for many years in the betting industry. He said he had never once taken a bet on a prediction for an election date. "Thick as sh*te" was how he described the Tory morons who didn't think for one minute that a surge in betting on this very unusual punt would immediately raise suspicions of the gambling authorities.
  4. If you believe in democracy then you simply must support maximum transparency about those seeking power. One shouldn't pick and choose which truths to reveal about such people on the grounds it might lead to the unenlightened giving him more support. I think you're in danger of swallowing the Farage myth, that he is some kind of evil genius able to turn any bad coverage to his advantage. The truth is he has stood for election to Westminster 7 times in the past and been thoroughly defeated 7 times. Subsequently he has used his guffawing charisma to court an unmerited and unquestioning coverage from a media happy to indulge his carefully projected image as a beneficent maverick. In large part he has got away with this because he has not occupied any official position where he can be held democratically accountable. I have little doubt that escaping such accountability was the chief reason he initially declared that he was not going to stand in the UK election, claiming support for his criminal mate's run for the US presidency as far more important. His subsequent change of mind to declare himself leader and candidate (something he was able to do with no accountable selection procedure because he owns the company) has now exposed him to the need for genuine accountable scrutiny for the first time in a long while. The interview with Nick Robinson was a good example of that new level of scrutiny. And Farage struggled and failed miserably to laugh off his highly questionable allegiances and views in his usual dismissive manner. Unlike you, my instinct is that this new level of inquiry and inquisition into Farage's political ideals and opinions is something that will expose him to his detriment, not to his benefit. His hard core cultish fans will no doubt double down, but they represent a very small minority of the population. I suspect the larger number of floating voters who have been flirting with a vote for Reform will have been thoroughly disgusted by his claims that it is the UK and the West who are responsible for Putin's invasion of Ukrainian sovereign territory. His rather desperate comments in response to the universal panning he has received post the interview suggests Farage knows he has offended many potential supporters. But he can now expect many more interviews scrutinising his claims in a similar relentless vein to that conducted by Robinson. Likewise, Reform UK Ltd generally. It was notable over the last two days that Sky News in particular has thoroughly trashed aspects of the fantasy manifesto they seem to have concocted over several pints of beer at The Bigot Arms. I guess we are not miles apart in our general views about the importance of free speech and debate. However, for once I seem a lot less pessimistic than you that such debate will expose a fraud rather than help his cause. Reform UK Ltd.'s manifesto is nothing more than a sandcastle, and the tin-pot dictator standing atop its tower will crumble with it.
  5. Indeed! It is a different methodology REJECTED by all the other polling companies with a well established record of independence. There may well be intelligence to be gained from it, but the chief thing to learn is that the methodology was clearly selected to serve the political interests of the person who owns the company. "what if it proves to be the best one for this election?" you ask. First, I'm not convinced you believe that for one moment. Second, if you do, I'd be happy to lay a bet of £50 (proceeds to a charity of your choice) that it isn't.
  6. One should never stifle free debate in a democratic country. Particularly so during an election when one of the most prominent candidates has a long history of support for a dictator who has invaded a sovereign democratic European country. If the exposure of Farage as an apologist for a depraved dictator who has ordered the murder of UK citizens on UK soil increases his support, so be it. However, I would suggest it is far more likely to raise questions for normal people about the suitability of putting a Russian puppet like Farage into the House of Commons. Either way, people should be made fully aware of the sort of man Farage is, and to whom he pledges his allegiance.
  7. I think that's rather my point. Why do you think rabid Reform UK Ltd supporter MATT GOODWIN's polling company would chose to do that, differently from EVERY other polling company.
  8. A debate is precisely what needs to be opened to expose Farage fully for his long held pro-Putin views. Russia has interfered in UK politics for a long time now, particularly during the Brexit referendum in favour of Leave (Johnson, in receipt of millions from Russian donors, of course, refused to publish the Russia Report). Farage declared unashamedly that he admired Putin as the world's greatest leader, AFTER Russia had invaded Crimea, and AFTER Russia had attacked and murdered UK citizens on UK soil. Farage has been a regular on Russian State TV channel Russia Today. Farage's disgraceful and treacherous comments yesterday blamed the EU for provoking Russia to attack Ukraine. Whether you are pro EU or not it is a fact that the EU is a non-military organisation of free democratic countries united to promote trade, democratic values, and protection of human rights. The idea that Farage should deny the right of access to the EU for any European nation that represents those values is an appalling affront to the sovereignty and dignity of the countries concerned. It does, of course, fit entirely with Farage's hatred of the EU and his determination to destroy it irrespective of the wishes of the people concerned. On that issue he is in complete agreement with Putin https://news.sky.com/story/nigel-farage-putin-is-leader-i-admire-most-10411596
  9. Indeed! And it saved the club from bankruptcy, as well as proving way more successful in terms of the club's footballing achievements than anyone thought possible at the time. Sans the arrival of a beneficent billionaire, this model is probably the only realistic strategy that ensures the club's financial survival while maintaining a genuine prospect of competing for promotion.
  10. I wonder why the company People Polling gives Reform UK Ltd a 6% higher figure than all the other pollsters? Do we think it might have something to do with the fact that the company is owned by Matt Goodwin; the so called "academic" who just happens to be a rabid supporter of Reform UK Ltd, and who just happens to be employed by the equally rabid right-wing GBNews, who just happened to have commission this poll? Surely that's all pure coincidence 😜
  11. Yes! That was MY point. Tactical voting is still relevant in PR style voting systems.
  12. what's your point? That happens under all systems.
  13. Under the NZ system you get two votes; one for your local MP, and one for the political party you wish to become the government. So it is entirely plausible to vote tactically to ensure you keep out a local candidate you wish to lose, while using your other vote positively to get the governing party you want.
  14. That doesn't follow. If I wanted to prevent a particular candidate becoming MP I might have good reason to vote tactically for the strongest alternative to ensure they came first.
  15. I hear he's planning to visit a foodbank to deliver a case load of caviar
  16. Post Boris Johnson we couldn't be more aware just how important character is when assessing the merits of our political leaders. So what do the following two examples say about Nigel Farage and his fitness to sit in the House of Commons? 1. 3 weeks ago he declined to stand for election in the UK because he said it was far more important to spend his time helping his good friend Donald Trump get elected as president of the USA. That's Donald Trump, the man found liable for rape, a self-confessed serial sex offender, and convicted criminal. 2. He describes Andrew Tate, the depraved misogynist currently imprisoned in Romania on charges of rape and human trafficking, as a positive voice for UK schoolboys. Anyone voting for Farage needs to consider seriously what that says about their own moral character. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/article/2024/jun/20/nigel-farage-andrew-tate-important-voice-men-podcast-interview
  17. I wonder if Tony Lee and Laura Saunders get the Racing Post delivered daily https://www.ft.com/content/351db92a-9ee3-4516-a5e5-5c901ba0e9a3
  18. Can't they handle a little bit of criticism? 😏
  19. I see all those happy to join in the pile on regarding Gunn's putative "errors" against Germany seem somewhat reticent to post on this thread about his exceptional game saving performance against the Swiss. Isn't this the sort of thing Idah was on about?
  20. The latest YouGov poll in Gt Yarmouth puts the figures at: Reform UK: 36% Labour: 31% Conservatives: 24% This raises a very interesting question that I have yet to see discussed in the MSM (or elsewhere) regarding tactical voting. So far the only discussion about tactical voting has been about how to ensure a Tory candidate is defeated. However, Reform's "successful" campaign suggests we now need to include a new dimension to the tactical voting issue; that Tory voters might need to switch their vote to keep out a Reform candidate. If you are a traditional "one-nation" Tory voter then the last thing you would want is for Reform UK Ltd to be successful in this election. Each Reform candidate elected as an MP further empowers those who want the (post election) Tory party to lurch to the far-right and assume the clothing of Farage's party. So doesn't that suggest traditional one-nation Tory voters should tactically switch their vote to Labour in seats like Gt Yarmouth in order to lessen the chances of a post election Tory Party becoming a far-right organisation?
  21. Hahahahaha! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/tory-wipe-out-predicted-in-norfolk-including-local-mp-liz-truss/ar-BB1ov1ZI?ocid=msedgntp&pc=LCTS&cvid=54dff41a44b045cb8fa9098ceb854ee0&ei=10
  22. So you admit you were talking tripe. Well done!
  23. Utter tripe. It was EXPLICITLY a Labour Party manifesto pledge to give the population a chance to vote in a second referendum on the Brexit deal once the terms had been agreed. How in God's name can you describe that as a refusal to "revisit the question of leaving the EU" when it would have given the country an opportunity to overturn the decision?
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