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  1. Oh dear! Hubby of our esteemed minister for common sense placed an 瞿8,000 bet on losing his seat, allegedly 不 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cxw2lm2mm14o
  2. It's a particularly interesting feature of this election that this is the first one where people have effectively expressed dissatisfaction with FPTP by taking matters into their own hand and arranged a genuine opportunity to vote tactically.
  3. It's called an analogy, bozo. The analogy is absolutely appropriate. Shows just how bad things have got. No wonder there has been a massive increase in medical negligence claims.
  4. Utter tripe, as usual. There is a reason why ALL betting is banned for footballers; it is because of the SUSPICION it raises that the player concerned is involved in fixing a result. Subsequent punishment for betting DOES NOT depend on demonstrating that a player played poorly. You are COMPLETELY wrong on this point. Thanks for recognising just how frustrating it is dealing with intellectually challenged people like you. Luckily students who actually make it into university don't suffer from your kind of intellectual shortfalls. In case you haven't noticed this is a plain old social media forum, not an educational establishment. One of the joys of that is that you get to speak freely, including showing no tolerance of buffoons.
  5. OK! Since you lack the intelligence, let me make it fool proof. A candidate backing himself to lose raises suspicions that he is not going to campaign to win. Just like a football player betting on his team to lose raises suspicions that he will play poorly to ensure a win for the opposition. Is that simple enough for you, oh dumb one?
  6. Clearly I meant the original comment in response to your post. Jeez!
  7. Read my original comment. I explained it very clearly there.
  8. A result anything close to this could very well see a demise of the Tory Party similar to that suffered by the Liberal Party in the interwar period last century. The party would likely split into the far-right (who would join up with Reform) and a rump of traditional one nation Tories forever the natural 3rd party in parliament.
  9. So, that's how bad it's got for you Tories. You consider Starmer's very decisive and clear principle that his party should abide by strong ethical values (as demonstrated in Rotherham and here) as a "rod for his own back". Well, it certainly couldn't be clearer that that's how those in this degenerate Tory government see ethical principles. Thanks for stating that so clearly.
  10. While clearly not the same as using inside information to bet illegally on a guaranteed win, there is the potential issue that someone might reduce their efforts to win an election in order to win their bet. I very much doubt that is the case in the present examples (the amount of money bet would be a good indicator). However, you've got to wonder why any candidate would think it a good idea to lay a bet in the first place. Your criticism of Starmer is really quite silly. People like you would have been screaming "hypocrite" at the top of your voices if he had not disowned the candidate concerned.
  11. Lots of them are still in touch, from all parts of the world. I'll ask them how bad I was 不不不
  12. Stand by guys, the signs are clear. Expect a stream of personal messages laden with Fs and Cs any time soon.
  13. Indeed! It would be a great choice. I remain bemused at how little we teach children about the cultural heritage that has defined Western civilisation. We want the young to be empowered in defence of democracy and free thinking yet teach them virtually nothing about the great thinkers who made those arguments and fought for those ideals in the first place.
  14. Spot on Gunny! Originally from Plato's The Apology, the description Socrates uses to describe his (for some) irritating habit of "stinging" people out of lazy complacent thinking.
  15. How much Russian interference in the UK election is happening? This statistic from Sky News suggests a huge amount Not only is the Reform UK Ltd figure massively disproportionate to the other parties, it is also wildly out of proportion to every single poll of voter intentions. The figures won't come as a surprise to anyone who uses Twitter/X. The site has been plagued for at least a year with Russian po*rn bots of putative single women seeking love and companionship. All of a sudden those have completely disappeared to be instantly replaced by an infestation of supposed Reform UK Ltd posters declaring they will be voting for Farage (interestingly those are mostly women too). Pure coincidence? I think not. It might have helped preserve the integrity of our electoral process had Boris Johnson not refused to release the report into Russian interference in UK politics. Can't think why he was so resistant to that.
  16. Thanks so much!!! Willingly compounding your ignorance is truly hilarious, I haven't laughed so much in ages. I suppose, however, it is a bit mean of me to expect that you might have any kind of familiarity with classical literature.
  17. It just gets better, which "bit" is nasty? 不不不 (And you can't even be bothered to google the literary reference to stop yourself looking dumb). Keep it up!
  18. Hahahahahahaha! You've never changed your views on anything, no matter how utterly insane they are, and despite what ANYONE has said on this forum in exasperated response.
  19. And you're too dumb and ill-read to know what the moniker "horsefly" refers to. Well done for confirming your ignorance 不 Now get busy with those expletive laden personal messages, I need a good laugh.
  20. Couldn't give a damn what a total buffoon like you calls me. I'm ready and waiting for another of your streams of lunatic personal messages; they're bloody hilarious. See if you can beat your previous record for the number of times you can use "fuc*ing c*nt" in the space of a sentence 不
  21. Perhaps you should send me another stream of private messages repeatedly calling me a fuc*ing c**t, etc.
  22. Starmer was the son of a toolmaker (mother a nurse). His family certainly were working class by any possible account of his childhood. He attended a state school, which later became a private school while he was already a pupil ( I assume not even you would suggest he should have been thrown out because his parents couldn't afford the fees). The UK legal system in which every person accused of a crime has a right to legal representation is absolutely fundamental to our democracy. Accordingly, defence barristers are required by law to represent any case to which they are independently assigned; they are not allowed to pick and choose who they wish to represent. To suggest that barristers can or should choose who they represent shows extraordinary ignorance of the relationship between the rule of law and democracy. To further claim that defence barristers serving this difficult but fundamentally important role are "slimeballs" or "selling the UK down the river" is not only extraordinarily ignorant, but also an appalling and disgraceful thing to say. Starmer's 5-year tenure as DPP (you couldn't even get that right) was considered across all political parties to have been extremely successful, which was why it was a Tory government that rewarded him with a knighthood for his service. You may or may not be "far-right" in your political views (evidence on this site seems to provide plenty of evidence that you are). What isn't in doubt is that your particular post denigrating Starmer is appallingly ignorant, filled with lies, and nothing more than the childish abuse of a playground bully.
  23. Schadenfreude neurons buzzing on full power. After thinking themselves hilarious for flirting publicly with the idea of letting Scotland win to send England home early, the Aussies find themselves packing for home after two embarrassing defeats. Joyous!
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