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  1. Indeed! very depressing Herman but, of course, exactly what many of us "remoaners" have pointed out for years would be inevitable. You don't even need a GCSE in economics to work out that any significant trade between two different market systems inevitably requires the friction of checks and red-tape. Jesus! it was the negation of that friction that was an important driver of the creation of a single market in the first place. Hannan is nothing more than a useful idiot. What he has done is highlight very clearly that the only way the government can achieve some sort of "advantage" from brexit is by undercutting workers/consumers/environmental standards. But of course the brexit deal we have signed guarantees that the EU would respond by levying punitive tariffs on UK goods. So good luck to the actual traders trying to survive this sh*tfest that's been dumped upon them. But let's not be negative. As Brexiteers have constantly pointed out we have regained our "national sovereignty" (wiping a tear from my eye as I utter those two words). And as we all know this is a great gain for each individual of the UK whose life will be personally improved by so many things, such as, ...er!.....um!....er!....can't quite think of anything right now, answers on a postcard please.
  2. Well that scores about 100% on the hypocracy scale. I'm afraid the insurrectionists had already broken into and ransacked the capitol building before Trump posted his video declaring "we love you" and "you are very special people" to those terrorists. Clearly Trump, under pressure from his enablers, is doing what he can to avoid Amendment 25 or impeachment. Those possibilities should still be pursued until Trump states publically and explicitly that he was responsible for inciting that insurrection. Giuliani too should be arrested for his "trial by combat" incitement.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/surrounded-by-shrinking-circle-of-aides-a-brooding-trump-lashes-out/ar-BB1cyVqZ?ocid=msedgntp Surrounded by shrinking circle of aides, a brooding Trump lashes out " U.S. President Donald Trump has increasingly isolated himself in the White House, relying on a small group of diehard loyalists and lashing out at those who dare to cross him, including Vice President Mike Pence, said four sources familiar with the matter." I get the feeling another "Downfall" spoof will be on its way soon.
  4. Utter buffoons! Limbaugh seems to have missed the obvious point that "Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the men at Lexington and Concord" were fighting for democracy. Yesterday's insurrectionists were fighting against it.
  5. They'll find it harder in 13 days time when the racist protector in chief begins training for his new job in the prison canteen
  6. The picture that tells you exactly what this is all about:
  7. Unbelievable! Giuliani yesterday incited the crowds claiming "we will have trial by combat". Today he tweets this: Rudy W. Giuliani @RudyGiuliani ยท 32m The violence at the Capitol was shameful. It was as criminal as the rioting and looting this summer which was not condemned strongly enough by the Left. This violence is condemned in the strongest terms. Our movement values respect for law and order and for the Police.
  8. Surfer, you've always seemed very clued-up on US constitutional politics. If Trump were to be impeached, could the process continue beyond the date when he is replaced as president? Seems to me that everything should be done to prevent this monster continuing to have a malign presence in US politics.
  9. Every single one of those individuals who stepped into the Capitol building commited a criminal offence just by that act alone. All of them need hunting down and sent to jail. No country can accept such an attack on the seat of democratic government.
  10. Really sorry to hear that. I've yet to see anyone respond to the challenge to point out a single positive benefit of Brexit to an individual. When a Tory MP Brexiteer was asked on LBC last week to name one, he responded that the gain in sovereignty was not the sort of benefit that could be described in terms of a gain for an individual. So that was worth it then. Again sorry to hear of your wife's predicament. I wonder what the Brexiteers here would to say to her to explain the point and worth of her sacrifice.
  11. Indeed! They must be very close to invoking the 25th Amendment. I expect Trump's most recent statement that there will be a peaceful transition of power has been forthcoming precisely because he has been warned that the 25th is being readied.
  12. Confirmed! Biden is officially President Elect. You're out Trump you fu*cking *****hole. Truly the worst president in US history. Those scenes from yesterday will be the enduring memory of 4 years of utterly apalling "leadership". To that degree they are at least scenes that truly reflect the bitterly divisive regime of hatred and incompetence that Trump created.
  13. It's time to invoke the 25th Amendment. Trump still has enough time to do tremendous damage to the US, and let's not forget he has his finger on the nuclear button.
  14. I wonder if Nige will invite his best mate Trump over to add political kudos to his latest venture?
  15. The woman who was shot has died. Well done Donald.
  16. Indeed! I notice our very own "Trumpski" apologist Joolsiani has not shown his face.
  17. He needs to be impeached again for inciting this insurrection. He may only have days left but never again should a president get away with such criminal behaviour.
  18. Trump just posted an unbelievable video on twitter telling the protesters to go home but basically defending their anger at a stolen election. Shocking!
  19. Simply astonishing scenes! 4 years ago this country was considered the leader of the free world. Now it's a model for right-wing insurrectionists. What a legacy Trump has left.
  20. I was half expecting to see a spoof of Boris.
  21. Truly shocking! Lyndsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and all the Republican Party sedition caucus should hang their heads in shame. They are more responsible for this than anyone. They enabled Trump to bring the US into this parlous state.
  22. Blocked him a few times but often return for a little fun. And frankly I'd rather respond to him than RTB who described Epstein's child rape victims as "well paid prostitutes" (he's blocked for good).
  23. The Republican Party made a terrible pact with Satan/Trump and now they will reap the consequences. They gambled that Trump's populism among his base would ensure them victory. What they didn't expect was that his unpopularity among US voters generally would prove even stronger in galvanising people to vote against him. Now the Republican Party are rent by a devastating division between traditional conservative constitutionalists, and a Trump sedtion caucus that wants to tear up the constitution and declare unto themselves the right to determine the outcome of elections. Four years ago pretty much every commentator assumed that the excesses of Trump would be kept in check by experienced GOP politicians. I can't remember anyone suggesting that the Trump endgame would result in the present fiasco. To suggest that Republicans like Cruz and Graham (as egregious as they are) would end up supporting treasonous, anti-constitutional, anti-democratic action against the will of the people would have been ridiculed as loony liberal scaremongering. Now the GOP will be left in tatters. Some (Romney et al) will attempt to recover its constitutional soul, the rest will will join the Mad Hatter's tea party. Either way the GOP will be left a wreck after this terrible flirtation with a racist, sex-abusing ego-maniac
  24. They should, but they can't afford him, HA-HA! as Nelson Muntz would say.
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