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  1. Have we ever had a player manager? Then!
  2. She said she would do just that as long as Sunak did the same. I wonder why he didn't take her up on the offer.
  3. Of course, it has never ever been the case in the whole history of the UK that a witness has lied to the police. Not even when it was a neighbour whose son had smashed the window of the person being investigated. Jeez!!!
  4. How many of those "rule dodgers" were the PRIME MINISTER? The very man who introduced the the laws, and broadcast to the nation that under NO circumstances was it acceptable to breach the rules. The very man who lauded the police raiding student parties. The very man who lauded £10,000 fines levied against rule dodgers.
  5. https://insidefutbol.com/2024/05/30/johannes-hoff-thorup-and-assistant-sign-norwich-city-deals-length-revealed/646666/
  6. Today is Thor's day. Surely the day to announce the appointment of Thor-up.
  7. Liz Truss disgraced Norfolk and the country by touring the US to share platforms with far-right conspiracy theorists, including criminals like Steve Bannon who claimed school shootings in America were faked. Now she has happily shared a platform with Carl Benjamin, the extremist former UKIP candidate who indulged in a persistent campaign of the most vile abuse and threats against Jess Phillips, which included saying: "I wouldn’t even rape you, @jessphillips" and followed up with: "There’s been an awful lot of talk about whether I would or wouldn’t rape Jess Phillips. I’ve been in a lot of trouble for my hardline stance of not even raping her. I suppose with enough pressure I might cave. But let’s be honest nobody’s got that much beer." Is South West Norfolk going to inflict this execrable woman on the country yet again? She is barely fit to be considered a normal moral member of the human race, and is certainly completely unfit to be a member of a parliament responsible for legislation. A vote for Truss is a vote to heap shame on this county.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 You truly are thick, snowflake.
  9. Very fast, strong, skilful, and minded to surge forward with the ball at speed. Exactly what we have been missing in a centre back last season, in my opinion.
  10. Feel free to point out where I said "jack-booted Nazi". You wouldn't be trying to sh*it stir by lying would you? I thought you would have passed through that phase by now. Are you the same person as LYB? The similarities are quite remarkable.
  11. Starmer's treatment of Abbott (found guilty of anti-Semitism), doesn't come close to Johnson's savage eviction of an entire cohort of traditional one-nation Tories who had the audacity merely to disagree with his view on Brexit. An utterly foolish decision that has left the Tories populated by right-wing thugs who are driving the party into oblivion.
  12. Hahahahahaha! NEITHER intend to take any further action. What's that little yellow birdy I see? I do believe it's a Great T*t
  13. I take it James Daly MP will personally be coughing up tens of thousands of pounds for demanding this second unnecessary and time wasting police investigation. At the very least he should scrawl "I'm sorry" 100 times across his forehead.
  14. Indeed! There's not the remotest chance he would want to sit in opposition as leader or otherwise. Opposition offers no chance to grift the millions that has always been central to his desire for political office. The man was too lazy and corrupt to do his job properly when he was PM, there isn't the remotest chance that he would do the job of an opposition MP/leader properly. I doubt there is much love for him among Tory MPs apart from a small cabal of die-hard delusional sycophants. They will know that it was his appalling corrupt behaviour and leadership that fundamentally precipitated a crisis that looks to have thrown away an 80 seat majority at the last election to a wipe out at the next.
  15. Can't say I'm p*ssed off, quite the opposite. We gave Farke an improved deal to prevent him being poached; I fully expect him to follow the same trajectory. There isn't a PL quality player in the squad so if he manages to keep them up he will deserve every penny of the massive pay rise. However, the likelihood is he'll bring them straight back down and they will be forced to fork out a huge payoff.
  16. Sure! Do you also use "faucet" instead of "tap" and "fall" instead of autumn? https://writingexplained.org/disinterested-vs-uninterested-difference
  17. Careful Daz! You may end up like me and a few others in receipt of a stream of private DM's calling you a "f***ing c**t several times over. He doesn't like it up him.
  18. One tw*at conducting himself in the solo symphony
  19. You can always rely on ignorant posters to use "disinterested" when they really mean uninterested.
  20. Absurd as usual. NO ONE gets paid to do GCSEs.
  21. Traditionally, there is, no doubt, significant truth in what you say. However the psephology has become much more complicated. Anecdotally, I was speaking to a prison governor recently who said he had become much more left wing as he had got older, as had most of his friends. He was in his late 50s. Take a look at campaign groups like Just Stop Oil and they are filled with well off middle class boomers. The graph posted above bears out that the shift in voting pattern has changed significantly from the tradition you highlight. My own speculation is that the radical shift in voting intentions of mid-50s to 60s group is based in something much more substantial than traditional factors. These are people who are comparatively well-off and mostly own their own homes. The common factor is that their teen years and twenties were lived during the long Thatcher government. I am always struck by how many people in that age range continue to see the divisiveness of that period as fundamentally significant to their present political outlook.
  22. So, the large majority of European countries don't have national service (including Germany and France, the main players on the continent).
  23. What pressure those extra points put on teams around us alongside the fact it could have altered who we played in the playoffs means you cannot possibly determine his relevance in the second half of the season. And yet your post is full of precisely that self-same speculation that you claim is impossible to determine 😃. What isn't speculative is that City qualified for the play-offs, as per the objective.
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