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  1. So the the UK would definitely breach international law but "arguably" the EU already are. Well instead of cutting and pasting another piece of Brexiteer guff why not present that argument here and defend it? The chances of you doing that are of course nil. More rant and no reason. Laughably incompetent guff from those for whom the reality of the disastrous nature of the UK's position is just too horrific to admit.
  2. ffs even the UK government admits it would be breaking international law
  3. Actually no! the prime minister said if a deal isn't done by October then we leave the single market without a free trade arrangement. We then go to WTO rules and all the tariffs that lands on us. So good luck to the beef farmer trying to sell his product abroad with a WTO 40% tariff imposed.
  4. Oh dear! well at least you have provided us with a proof at last. Proof that you really are as thick as pig sh*t. There is no such subject as "Cultural Media Studies". Christ you can't even get your abuse right.
  5. You can say it, but I don't know why. I think you will find that the present negotiations going on right NOW between the EU and UK are absolutely crucial for the future of this country. Getting these wrong will be a disaster for the UK economy and the lives of millions of our population. All the comments that I've seen here from those critical of the hard-line Brexiteers are about these present negotiations. You may wish to return to 2018, perhaps because the harsh reality of where Brexit was likely to lead could be ignored. The current negotiations demonstrate just what a sh*tstorm Brexit has dropped us into, so bad indeed that a Tory government is using a threat to break international law as a negotiating tool. Sorry, but this isn't a moment for flippancy
  6. Absolutely spot on Purple, and precisely a point I was going to make myself. Hilariously the writer of this guff doesn't even see that the reason why it was possible for this light touch on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is because BOTH were members of the single market. Thus it couldn't possibly be the case that this would continue if a free trade deal couldn't be agreed. The whole of this terrible piece of cut and paste is riddled with mind-numbing non-sequiturs like this.
  7. So here we have it plain and clear at last. You really don't have the capacity for reasoned argument and hence you have chickened out of my challenge. A typical feeble-minded Brexiteer, all rant and no reason. BTW, I don't have a PhD in common sense like you, I actually have a real PhD. So not a "pseudo" intellectual either.
  8. I will happily demolish the tosh that you have yet again downloaded from your favourite site "Brexit facts4tw*ts". But I will only bother if you now make the promise to respond with argument YOURSELF to each of the points I take the trouble to make. So far you have failed to provide any argument whatsoever in your posts, and as others (who have been on this site a lot longer than myself) have pointed out it is futile attempting to engage in reasoned arguments with someone who is either incapable of of achieving the intellectual standards required or is merely a feckless bigot. So, are you willingly to put your money where your mouth is? Will you take up the challenge to respond YOURSELF to each of the points I make? (that means no cut and paste). Then we can truly let people decide who is in possession of the facts.
  9. Spot on NFN! Fools clearly lacks any ability to present an argument so it is pointless to expect his small mind to be able to cope with anything other than the cut and paste function.
  10. So are you claiming that represents an argument? Christ you are in serious need of help. Get yourself an education so you can distinguish between assertion and argument
  11. Fortunately not all civil servants are anti-democratic Remainers The highly-respected former British ambassador to the United States and to Germany, Sir Christopher Meyer, posted the following Tweet yesterday: 2. Some of the ways in which the EU deliberately weaponised peace in Northern Ireland Devastating testimonies condemn Irish Government and EU, over NI and Brexit For four years the EU and the Irish Government have prevented UK and Irish Customs from agreeing a straightforward solution for the Irish border question. It was clear from the outset that - as a result of the EU Referendum - UK and Irish customs authorities would have to discuss and agree new arrangements for the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Existing border arrangements on the Irish border have always been ‘different’ Given the relatively open border since the 1990s, special arrangements have already existed for many years. There has always been a border in Customs and Revenue terms because of the two countries’ different tax regimes, different excise duties, different VAT rates, and even different currencies. Here is Mr Niall Cody, Chairman of the Board of the Irish Revenue Commissioners, giving testimony to a Committee of the Irish Parliament in 2017. He was asked about existing arrangements for controlling the border and gave the details for the previous year. So why didn’t Irish and UK Customs get together to agree to extend existing border arrangements? It is clear from the testimonies of the most senior Customs officials on both sides of the border – the department heads with the expertise – that they were prevented from talking to each other by the EU and by the Irish government. And here is what the UK Customs boss said in evidence to a Parliamentary Committee - Sir Jon Thompson, former Chief Executive of HM Revenue and Customs, giving evidence to the Exiting the European Union Committee, 29 Nov 2017 Sir Jon went on to say that discussions with the Irish Revenue had started, but were halted – and not by the British. There is no real quantifiable risk to the EU’s Single Market Northern Ireland’s goods sales across the border are so small they will amount to a rounding error in the EU’s accounts, post-Brexit. After Brexit, NI’s cross-border sales will account for just 0.23% of total imports into the EU. [Sources : Eurostat | HMRC | NISRA ] 0.23% is NOT any kind of threat to the integrity of the EU’s Single Market. Click to enlarge chart - © Brexit Facts4EU.Org Finally, here are two EU Parliament officials Two years ago two officials who work for Guy Verhofstadt, then the EU Parliament's Chief Brexit Coordinator, were caught on camera when Mrs May caved in:- 3. The EU’s latest hostile moves In a statement issued yesterday, the EU Parliament says it will block any trade agreement with the UK They have issued this threat before the supposedly sovereign UK Parliament has even had a chance to debate the draft Internal Market Bill, in effect dictating to Parliament what decision it must make on behalf of the British people. Here is an excerpt: And here is Boris Johnson's response Writing in the Daily Telegraph today, the Prime Minister was unequivocal about the EU’s latest hostile actions. Boris Johnson, 12 Sept 2020 “We are now hearing that, unless we agree to the EU's terms, the EU will use an extreme interpretation of the Northern Ireland protocol to impose a full-scale trade border down the Irish Sea. “We are being told that the EU will not only impose tariffs on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, but that they might actually stop the transport of food products from GB to NI. “I have to say that we never seriously believed that the EU would be willing to use a treaty, negotiated in good faith, to blockade one part of the UK, to cut it off, or that they would actually threaten to destroy the economic and territorial integrity of the UK. This was for the very good reason that any such barrier, any such tariffs or division, would be completely contrary to the letter and the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement.” Observations If the EU and the Irish Government had been remotely interested in preserving the Good Friday Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland, what would have been more logical than for the civil servants responsible for each side of the border to discuss new arrangements? Instead, the Irish side has been banned from doing so. This was a deliberate act. A quick solution to alternative arrangements for the NI border, sorted out by those who know the most about it - the Customs teams on each side - was not in the EU’s interests. The EU wished to use the border as one of their three pre-emptive issues to prevent trade being talked about and to keep at least part of the UK in the Single Market and Customs Union. In this, they have succeeded to this day. And what of the Irish politicians involved in this? The EU had a willing partner in this subterfuge in the form of the fiercely nationalist Irish government of Messrs Varadkar and Coveney. Despite a 'no deal' Brexit being catastrophic for the Irish economy, it is our opinion that they put their own political considerations above the interests of their own people, and effectively weaponised this issue. In so doing, they have been played by Brussels. It remains to be seen if the Irish people will ever forgive them. What next? It is not before time that the UK Government is finally fighting back against the tirade of propaganda from the EU which has been played worldwide in the complicit, globalist media in most countries, as well as on our TV screens in the UK. As regular readers know, we have been urging a communications effort from the Government. Finally it seems that these efforts have borne fruit, to some extent. Far more needs to be done, on a daily basis. The EU's propaganda machine is relentless. If you can, we need your help right now. Please post links to our articles to your social media contacts, friends and family, or just post a link to our news headlines page from which these links are accessible. [ Sources: NISRA | HMRC | The Dáil (Irish Parliament) | Eurostat | UK Parliament (Hansard) | BBC4 documentary | The Daily Telegraph ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever. Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 12 Sept 2020 Oh ffs, yet another cut and paste pile of crud from Fools. You really couldn't make it up
  12. Oh my God! yet another post lacking any argument or analysis, and no doubt you can't even see how foolish you look. I have provided arguments about the need for a customs border if there is no deal, about the essential need to preserve the Good Friday agreement meaning that the customs border HAS to be between GB and NI, about why breaking an international treaty imperils future attempts to achieve trade deals. Why don't you actually attempt to answer these arguments or are you really as chronically thick as I suspect you to be?
  13. Funny how you always provide a link to some has-been or crank but never present an argument yourself. No analysis, no rational criticism, just cut and paste crass flag waving assertions. You haven't addressed on single argument presented here. Indeed, a typical Brexiteer, uneducated, sour and living in a fantasy world. The sad thing is you can't see how Farage and co manipulate your ignorance and bile to serve their pathetic egos. They couldn't give a toss about you or the fate of the UK
  14. Hahaha!! A tremendous spoof by a pasty faced buffoon, uhm! at least I hope it's a spoof. Don't think this guy is going to trouble the scorers much if he takes an IQ test. Not a single word of truth to be found here. Perhaps mum hasn't brought his crisps and tea up to his bedroom on time
  15. If I was being charitable I would treat your post as a sublime piece of irony, but of course it isn't. Let's put it in terms you might actually understand. Imagine the UK was considering entering a trade deal with a country called X. Now imagine that X says it wants to sell us beef but says that the beef they intend to sell us is reared in cages, is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, and is tended by workers who have no rights to minimum pay or to any health and safety standards, indeed several of their workers die each year. Country X says we must accept their beef raised this way because it enables them to undercut the prices charged by UK farmers. Would you accept their beef? obviously not. The point of this example is a very simple one, but fundamentally crucial. By leaving the single market we have made achieving a free trade deal completely dependent on convincing the EU that our standards of production and services at the very least match those expected of all other members of the EU single market. That's called a level playing field. To expect the EU to accept anything less would be absurd and a sign of incurable stupidity. That of course raises the possibility that they could indeed ban products that don't meet these standards if a deal is not reached. Of course at the moment we do meet these standards, precisely because we were members of the single market and at the moment are in the transition period. Achieving a free trade deal thus rests fundamentally on convincing the EU that we will continue to meet these standards when the transition period ceases. Such a deal would require cast iron guarantees that the playing field remains level. Thus it is that the parties concerned normally enshrine such agreements in a treaty protected by international law. So what a fantastic negotiating manoeuvre by the government to introduce a bill that would involve the UK in threatening to break international law. Add to that the egregious record of lying that Boris Johnson has so copiously collected throughout his career and it should be no surprise to anyone that the EU are determined to protect the integrity of the single market. And yes that has to include the threat of banning UK goods if that is what is required, just as we would ban beef from country X
  16. Ahh! dear old Fools, I see you're not capable of a rational written response. Fair enough I can see you find words hard to cope with
  17. Fools by name fool by nature. The threat to the UK comes precisely from the consequences of Brexit. Scotland will now almost certainly vote for independence and Johnson's (sorry! Dominic's) outrageous breach of international law will give massive moral and political support to the call for that vote to happen soon. And I suspect that Northern Ireland will soon begin to see that their future will look very much brighter in a united Ireland than as a part of a law breaking impoverished UK. Recent polls and votes in NI show that they are increasingly loosing themselves from the rabid ideology of the right and seeking a progressive future. So, Fools by all means wrap yourself in the Union flag and sing Land of Hope and Glory to your hearts content, but as that flag begins to lose some of its crosses just remember that it is your lot "wot did it"
  18. Absolutely! The giveaway is the phrase " [the EU] is structurally unable to engage in meaningful negotiations ". Utterly meaningless, hence not even the idiots populating our Government have tried to claim this. But of course the idiots populating the Brexit party are even more idiotic than them, so no surprise that their representative on this site (fools) should repeat it like some moronic parrot that has bashed it's head against the mirror a little too hard
  19. Your pathetic posts, lacking in any attempt to provide actual argument deserve nothing but derision
  20. It’s worth remembering that without Nigel winning the European Elections, it’s unlikely that Boris would have ever become Prime Minister. He’s changed the course of UK politics twice. Now he’s back… 😎👍 UPDATE: Nigel Farage tells Guido: “The Brexit Party still has a large and engaged database. We could fire up ground campaigns against these MPs very quickly” 👍 Mercutio's response to Tybalt and Romeo is most appropriate here. If you don't know what it is I suggest expanding your reading beyond the Sun and Daily Mail
  21. You really need to learn to read a bit more widely, and try something with a bit more sophistication. The EU has not threatened to blockade anyone (please do cite the relevant document if I'm wrong here). They have simply pointed out that to preserve the Good Friday Agreement and prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Island checks will have to be made on goods before they reach NI, unless a trade agreement is reached between the EU and UK. That much is obvious to anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of trading between different market areas. It is the UK that is threatening to renege on the international treaty they themselves signed in January (claiming at the time that it was a a wonderful deal).
  22. Are you being serious? Are you really asking why Barnier would bring up the issue of border controls involving the transport of goods between two separate trading areas in trade talks? Perhaps you would like to take that back rather than look like an utter fool
  23. This is total nonsense and utterly despicable sophistry. The EU position is both simple and completely appropriate. The UK has withdrawn from the EU and single market thereby creating a de facto customs border between the EU (Ireland) and UK (Northern Ireland). Quite rightly the EU has to protect the integrity of that border from potential violations (smuggling etc). However, in order to preserve the peace so hard won by the Good Friday Agreement all the parties concerned understand the desperate need to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. That necessitates some form of checks between GB and NI, as was admitted by Johnson's own advisors long ago. There really is no other option if a deal cannot be achieved to prevent this. This is a problem the UK has created and needs to resolve. But one thing is for sure, breaking an international treaty would be an utterly ruinous attempt to do this. First, it would inevitably lead to a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Second, It will make a trade deal between the UK and USA impossible to achieve (neither Republicans nor Democrats will jeopardize their Irish vote). Third, our international reputation will be in tatters, and will compromise all our future dealings with other nations; political, economic or otherwise. The behaviour of this government is breathtakingly crass, immoral and simply illegal. It is no wonder that many of the more cerebral and astute Tory MPs are outraged by the Government's proposal.
  24. utter tosh! Just don't understand the hostility toward Cantwell spouted by some so-called fans. Find me a genuine tv football pundit, or a member of the England international management team, or a member of City's management team (et al) who thinks anything other than that Todd is a highly talented footballer. His individual performances in the PL last season stood out as genuinely belonging to that league; the number of assists and goals he accumulated obviously attest to that. Further, for those who claim he did nothing in Saturday's game I suggest you take a look at our goal again. I t was Cantwell who persistently harried two town players into reverse gear leading to the back pass that lead to the goal.
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