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  1. Yawn! Still haven't read them have you? Come back when you have.
  2. Of course they said it, FFS. It's about as close to "realistic" as they can get to being "honest" about the club's prospects over the next few years. But you have to be a complete idiot to think that translates into a claim that they won't be seeking promotion this season. Webber and Farke used EXACTLY the same "realistic" language when they first teamed up. They also said their project was promotion in 5-years, but that NEVER meant they wouldn't strive for promotion at the earliest opportunity. That early promotion brought with it a huge amount of money which enabled us to spend a huge amount of money on the club's infrastructure and playing squad. We would not have the PL quality training facilities, or a top level academy system without the cash from those two promotions. Nor could we have afforded additions to the playing squad like Sara and Sargent. It's really very simple, you need money to achieve the development the club claims it is aiming for. Promotion brings that money; languishing in the Championship accrues debt and sees the best players leave. You do NOT improve your squad by selling your best players, you improve it by adding PL quality players to your ranks. The only reason we are resigned to losing at least one of Sara, Sargent, and Rowe is because we need the cash. Had we been promoted we would NOT now be hawking a player for £20m, but enjoying spending 20, 30, 40, million on new players. It's not rocket science.
  3. Awww! Snowflake who moans about others abusing him resorts to abuse. BTW, this is a social media site, not a university. I know you didn't make it to uni so you'll just have to take my word for it that they are very different environments.
  4. When you've read the Paris Manuscripts and can say something sensible about them, I'll reply. Until then, I'll let you fester in your own ignorance.
  5. Oh dear! NONE of what they said can be interpreted in the ridiculous way you conclude your post. If you think for one minute they will not be seeing promotion as their number one priority this season then you are more of a fool than I thought. It is previous promotions that provided the money to develop our first class training facilities, and invest in a first class academy system. Obviously development of a PL quality team is always an ongoing project for a club that doesn't have a billionaire owner ready to chuck hundreds of millions into the squad. It was why Webber and Farke purposely described our objective as becoming one of the "top 26 clubs" knowing that successive promotions were absolutely essential to resourcing the development of the club in exactly the same way as Knapper and Thorup have described. Failure to get promotion has left the club in debt; where in God's name do you think the money is coming from to fund the development you talk of, if it is not coming from promotion? As things stand, we are almost certainly going to lose at least one of Sara, Rowe, or Sargent. Does that make us stronger? (If we fail to get promotion again I'll guarantee none of those three will remain at the club) We are looking around for freebies to fill the left back position because we couldn't afford to keep a proven performer that both Knapper and Thorup wanted to keep. Does that make us stronger? Of course Knapper and Thorup have used the language they have to describe their "realistic" objectives. It is not remotely different from the language used by Webber and Farke. However, you have to be extraordinarily naïve to interpret that as them saying we will not be striving to get promoted at the earliest possible opportunity (i.e. next season). If you honestly believe that we should interpret their words as indicating a desire for the coming season being to achieve mid-table obscurity while we somehow magically build a PL quality team while selling our best players and increasing our debts, then I really don't know what can be said to you. The idea is utterly absurd. If that is their plan for this season (it isn't, of course) then they should let the fans know so we can apply for a refund for our season tickets. Imagine the pre-season team talk: THORUP: OK guys go out and do your best but please make sure we don't get promoted PLAYER: WTF boss, surely that's the whole point, to win games and get promoted. THORUP: No, no, you silly boy. The board said we need to to achieve mid-table obscurity so that we can take our time building the infrastructure and squad to stand a chance competing in the PL in a few years time. PLAYER: But doesn't getting promoted bring hundreds of millions into the club to build that squad and infrastructure. Doesn't failure to get promoted mean we accrue more debts and mean we have to sell our best players, weakening the squad. THORUP: Don't be so silly. Of course it does, but that's what makes the plan so unique. We'll be doing what every other club isn't, i.e. purposely trying not to get promoted. It's pure genius. PLAYER: Can I submit my transfer request please. But you crack on with your nonsense Ged
  6. 5 MPs and already one has been outed for having been jailed for beating up his girlfriend. https://x.com/MailOnline/status/1811815424465453159
  7. TBF to Calvin he still has not got past Leviticus yet. He's in for a bit of a shock when he gets to the bit where this Jesus guy enters the scene. He really isn't going to like that woke bast*ard.
  8. The title "Chief whip" only makes sense if there is a least one other ordinary whip over which he is chief, so one of Lowe or Murdock will have to take on that role, leaving just one Reform Ltd MP needing to be kept in line by the party whips. Any rude suggestions that this makes Reform Ltd a joke party are entirely justified 🤣
  9. Reform are the Emos of UK politics.
  10. By default he surely must be the left back for this Saturday (Unless they think Fisher could play on the left). Fingers crossed that he does turn out to be another Aarons.
  11. That's rather the point. We're waiting on a decision from a freebie who has not played in a comparable league to the Championship. Also we are apparently looking for more than one left back. I'm not criticising the club for this, we are where we are, and I'm happy that we have the staff in place to do the best job possible with the resources available. My point was merely to say that this is the situation you arrive at when you don't get promotion, in contrast to those who think we are better off spending consecutive seasons in the Championship "rebuilding".
  12. Oh dear! Man who regularly abuses others accuses people of abusing others. Grow up, snowflake. FYI: I would criticise ANY MP of any party who makes serious allegations about schools without first providing proof that those allegations were true. It is not "just" my opinion that Lowe's behaviour is reckless and irresponsible, it is the view of very many involved in education and elsewhere, as you would know if you bothered to read a bit more. You have to be naïve to an extraordinary level to be unaware of the hostility teachers face when allegations like this are made public (hostility from religious extremists and extremists of all political colours).
  13. Thanks for your concern about my happiness. I'm more happy than a horsefly at Newmarket. Perhaps you might be a lot more informed if you got your nose out of Bunty.
  14. I guess you don't use X, etc. You'd probably benefit from being a bit more cynical about the massive support on social media for a party that only achieved 14% of the vote
  15. Oh dear! NOT naming schools impugns and imperils the teachers of ALL of Yarmouth's schools, you buffoon. He should NOT have repeated any of these allegations publicly without first privately investigating the claims and proving them to be true. He has admitted himself that he has NOT verified or proven their truth. That is utterly reckless and irresponsible behaviour for an MP. NO teacher should indoctrinate their pupils. The education Act prohibits it.
  16. What's not remotely surprising is that the Kremlin focussed virtually all its efforts on supporting Reform Ltd and Nigel Farage in the recent election. Perhaps that has something to do with Farage's declaration that Putin is the world's most admirable leader, and Farage's success in preventing the EU investigating Russian interference in their political processes.
  17. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-06-29/uk-election-pro-russian-facebook-pages-coordinating/104038246
  18. Do you mean, a bit like you making a song and dance about it on here? I didn't realise that his right to free speech excluded him from using a social media site to make a point about an issue that would otherwise have gone pretty much unnoticed. Result: it has become very noticed. Nice one Clive.
  19. Back to Gt Yarmouth's new MP https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/24441007.rupert-lowe-great-yarmouth-mp-claims-pupils-indoctrinated/ According to Naturalcynic (or Conventionalbore, as he would be more aptly called) it was just "faux outrage" to be concerned that an MP had denigrated the integrity and professionalism of hardworking teachers in Gt Yarmouth. It was just "faux outrage" to be concerned that publicly repeating gossip and hearsay making serious allegations imperils the safety of teachers who are already subject to a massive increase in verbal and physical abuse from parents and pupils. And yet, as the EDP reports, Lowe admits he had no proof for the allegations: "Mr Lowe said he had not been able to verify the claims and declined to name the schools." That an MP would behave which such reckless irresponsibility is proof that his agenda is party political and divisive. He should have investigated the allegations privately, ensuring that the allegations were not malicious and fabricated (a problem we all know that has become an easy way for disgruntled pupils and parents to attack teachers). He could have contacted the headmasters of the schools identified and demanded they investigate and report back to him the results of their investigation of the allegations. If proven, then he would have had grounds to raise his concerns publicly. That he behaved in the disgraceful and precipitous way that he did, is a clear indication that Gt Yarmouth has foolishly elected an egotistical multi-millionaire who has decided he would like to play at politics in his old age.
  20. Well they have made 30p Lee the chief whip 🤣🤣🤣 They have 5 MPs FFS!
  21. Predictable response from the most inaptly named conventional banal bore on the site. Imagine being so bereft of a life that you spend your time posting on threads that you claim are pointless. Perhaps we need to crowd fund you a new supply of Bunty.
  22. It's not for the intellectually disadvantaged. I would stick to your comics.
  23. Do feel free to share your top five objections to the claims made in the Paris Manuscripts, that you say the rest of you don't agree with. I've been waiting for someone with your obviously immense knowledge of the works of Marx with which to debate.
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