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  1. Why oh why were those tw@ts in the Barclay messing with the ball for the Arsenal equaliser. If they’re under 12, I’ll forgive it but otherwise, Christ they’re an embarrassment...
  2. I thought it was a limit of 50 online or in person but haven't checked that
  3. All 40 are members but only one person has to make any effort. There will be plenty of groups with 8+ people trying to get the tickets giving them 8x the chance of a single user. I'm guessing setting the limit at 4 would be fairer - but then they'll be a number of people moaning on here that they're being disadvantaged as there's 5 of them in a family. Cant please everyone
  4. It’s a coach company. They put 1 person in the queue at 4am, buy 40 tickets, charge those 40 a fee for the lack of sleep.. not against the rules but of course not really fair
  5. you are a miserable, useless, bell end of a 'man' though. There's little point having a reasoned debate with you - it's not worth the effort
  6. I like the new scheme but i guess this is down to being more likely to get to the away games i fancy now than i was before. I assume those moaning about it are less likely to get tickets and/or out of pocket. Change is to be embraced....
  7. Absolutely hate Wolves - they're dim witted knuckle draggers who attacked scarfers, old people and kids after the Play Off semi final 2002 And Muscat, natch
  8. FFS - you can''t seriously be suggesting Rickkkky Martin as manager. Normal for Norfolk reaches a new low
  9. Letting Delia have control of City is as wise as giving control to my mum. At least my mum''s sober....
  10. Lets bring on another defender as 5 didn''t''t work. Whittaker? Go 6-1-2-1? Neil is a useless w@nker
  11. Only it won''t be 3-5-2, it''ll be a shambolic 5-1-3-1
  12. Cant find the commentary on Ustream - anyone got it online?
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