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  1. Who does not need one? And those who dont want one shouldn't be allowed into the game anyway. If you're not willing to take one for the team then get off the bus.
  2. Denmark holding on for that PK shootout.
  3. Do you remember the name of the podcast? It sounds interesting.
  4. Interest from Manchester United and Us. No wonder he turned down the Ipswich offer. No brainer. I hope norwich loan him out to a league 1 club so he can beat up on his old team.
  5. Leitner is gone. That clears up some space. Apologies if previously posted. https://www.transfermarkt.com/moritz-leitner/profil/spieler/82243
  6. What about someone like Tyrese Campbell at Stoke? He was the dude at stoke before injury. Punched 7 in and 6 assists in 13 games. Big and technical.
  7. Oh look Armstrong watching the game again. How many **** ups does this dude get? God to have his leash!
  8. He didnt go off with a limp, walked normal. Likely a low grade knee sprain - hopefully this is worse case scenario.
  9. All the talent on that team and couldn't even put one past that Scotland defense. I will say Hanley looked class.
  10. Scotland will win this off a PK dykes. 1-0. Lots of rough yellows that play in favor of the bigger and stronger scotsmen.
  11. Outside of Kamara this Finnish midfield is embarrassing. At this rate the only way Finland scores is on a counter because there isnt going to be an ounce of buildup.
  12. Yes to that trade every day. Bring in Williams from MUFC on loan to fill in the gap left by Aarons and have Williams and Mumba compete for the spot.
  13. It's this! Have you seen Hanley's recent statement about being shocked at the fitness requirements Farke pushed the team through. He is an excellent developer of talent because he is able to push players past their perceived limits. Tag Webber's ability to locate young talent and this team is where the young up and comers should be asking transfers to. This is the path to staying in the Prem - we need to embrace the role of an EPL established "farm club."
  14. Webber playing the long game on this one. Webber's profession strategy: AV lose Graelish this offseason and bank on Buendia being the equal of Graelish. He's not. AV sink back into EFL without Graelish bootstrapping the team. Pundits nail Buendia out to be a less spectacular version of Graelish - top clubs dont call when Buendia sends out an SoS...but guess who does? Webber. Oh the webs Webber weaves
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