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  1. Former Chief scientific advisor for phfizer and Vice President and owner of their own pharmaceutical company that they then sold would probably suffice...
  2. Finally a result. Quite frankly I’d rather trust Edward scissor hands to shave my balls than trust what we’ve been told by the members of sage so far... 4000 deaths a day? How’s that fact checking going?? Have followed and read Michael Yeadons work and he very clearly is an expert in his field. Doesn’t it concern you that such experts are deliberately being discredited and silenced?
  3. Thanks Alex. What’s in store for you today? Another day of hiding behind the sofa attempting not to kill anyone? What a grim crime, Your Honour, he stands accused of hugging them to death...
  4. It’s mad conspiracy theories is what it is. Just looking at those names absolutely smacks of tin foil hat wearers...
  5. Look at these mad conspiracy theorists... Clare Craig BM BCh FRCPath Jonathan Engler MBChB LLB Mike Yeadon BSc Hons (Biochem-tox) PhD Christian McNeill LL.B and Dip LP
  6. You’re hilarious. A paper by scientists is now considered conspiracy theories... I honestly fear for you when this is over as you’re so consumed by it you may not be able to make that transition back into normality
  7. Find a post where I have ever said any of these conspiracy theories? All you will find is posts where I’ve provided evidence of the idea behind the great reset. You yourself have then made the leap to link that with the conspiracy theories that people have around that idea.
  8. I’ve never claimed anything of the kind but you crack on...
  9. Oh it does. From the little time I’ve spent posting on here you have come across as the absolute cliche virtue signaller. I absolutely guarantee you have attended at least one March for a cause in the last year
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue_signalling
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome You think that someone who wants to hug a loved one is “prepared to kill them” and I’m the stupid one.... I fear when this is over you may never be allowed back out Alex
  12. The world has lost its mind I await the warning of pulling a cracker... sage televised news announcement today on recommendation to who should hold the remote control on Xmas day. Could cause domestic arguments this one...
  13. Ffs. “Happily risk killing someone” by hugging them! Get a grip Alex for your own sanity. One day you will have to go back out into the big wide world, this frame of mind isn’t going to be beneficial for your chances of intergrating
  14. Apologies didn’t see it. I’d like to know but not sure if it’s possible to find out how much the U.K has ever spent on cancer research though. I’d wager it’s considerably less than the £400 billion bill for this year. Just imagine what we could have achieved globally with the same urgency and even 10% of the funding this has received. The question has to be why don’t we ever do it?
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