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  1. Long Stratton do walking football 6pm monday evenings
  2. The Sun Championship "expert" has given Toney Player of the Season and the Barnsley manager gets the Manager of the Year Award
  3. so far this season he has issued 81 yellow and 5 red, top card issuer in the championship
  4. Grant Holt, then at least the wingers could put in crosses knowing they have a centre forward that can head a ball
  5. Ian Crook, Phil Boyer, Ted McDougall, Wes Hoolahan,Trevor Hockey, Bill Punton, Darren Huckerby, Tommy Bryceland, Alan Black, Gerry Howshall
  6. Need Hugill fit, at least he can head a ball, wide players cannot hit crosses in with Pukki on his own up front, can Farke be brave and play both of them together?
  7. we have been found out and exposed badly, feel sorry for our wide players who cannot sling croses in, was well impressed with Ryan Bennett yesterday, how does Hourihane always manage it against us? Farke cannot keep blaming injuries and fixture schedule, my prediction, we end up 3rd, hope not
  8. All our play appears to be to try and play Pukki in to score, he can't use his head, so we have wide players who cannot put any crosses in, what a difference when Hugill was given a couple of games, why not play the two up front when injuries allow? Were we ever in the market for Hourihane when he became available? Or are we still a small time club punching above our weight, who have been found out? this from a city supporter since early 1960s who has great memories of city centre forwards who could head a ball
  9. Why did we buy him? Our tactics are tip tap football, try to score the perfect goal for Pukki, we have two full backs putting lovely crosses in for a forward who cannot head a ball, why did the mamanger bring on Idah first when the game was screaming out for Hugill?
  10. I have learnt that we have a defence that cannot defend and a centre forward that cannot head a ball, and that is from someone that has been at Carrow Road since 1963-64 season
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