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  1. 30,563 posts only 1,049 likes? that might be another clue Bill
  2. did you miss this thread Bill? ps. the clue is in the title!
  3. We mostly buy obscure players who no one has ever heard of. Some turn out to be pretty good eg. Onel Hernandez.
  4. Didn't Farke start saying we needed a 'little miracle' in February before the Lockdown?
  5. There was a time before the playoffs were introduced - 1987! - that you went to a match hoping for a good game with a few goals. We didn't think we would win anything but hoped for a good run in the cup competitions which every club took seriously. One Saturday recently ITV4 showed an old big match from 1977 where we beat Leicester 3-2 on Boxing Day, it was a good watch!
  6. Try to get to Norwich 2 hours before kick off, go for a fry up, read EDP, go into William Hill for a bet on the score - won once this season, and get to Carrow Road just before kick off.
  7. We have been relegated. We have scored 1 goal since the restart. It's not a great time Bill. I will post a picture of my refund cheque on here when it arrives.
  8. Villa did make it to a Wembley final this season and they beat us twice. They must have a fair chance of surviving on the last day whereas we have known our fate for weeks. Good luck to Villa. Somebody was brave and took a huge gamble. Whereas we spent pennies and Wycombe Wanderers will now have a fixture at Carrow Road next season.
  9. Not really like Harry. Bamford did get games at Norwich, not many but he had some chances. Wasn't Harry injured for most of his loan spell at Carrow Road?
  10. From what I have seen on the telly Patrick Bamford hasn't improved. Someone who came to Carrow Road, was hopeless, got sent back and hasn't been missed.
  11. Don't we usually give our relegated manager until November to offer additional proof he is hopeless and his initial success was a fluke or unbelievably good luck in players he inherited? It would be nice to think that when Farke goes we get somebody with Championship management experience and not another German reserve team coach.
  12. There is also the possibility Farke does not know what he is doing. Sorry to seems so negative but there are no positives at the moment. No goals, no points, same old anorak.
  13. I doubt if Buendia or Cantwell would start for another Premiership side, I agree that most of the others would have no chance! The possible exception is Gregory. Really sorry for him on Saturday, he didn't deserve that.
  14. I would love to see Farke go. The players were not fit and ready for Southampton and it's all gone Pete tong since then. Adam has never had a proper chance and why oh why has Drmic had so much game time?
  15. Glasgow Rangers are supposed to be interested in signing him.
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