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  1. The only clubs with non-british managers are us and Wolves ...
  2. The deals won't be announced until 01 July. Gibson was at Colney yesterday when Gunny was announced as he was in the video.
  3. Neither makes the other any better. Both instances are not acceptable!
  4. May be he would be good at that too , I am only going from the trusted YouTube highlights reel! very clear though that we are in the market for another centre back.
  5. Looks like the sort of defender we will want to compliment Gibson, look comfortable on the ball, can read the game well and also carry the ball in to midfield, which is exactly how we look to play. His athleticism and height are also an added bonus.
  6. Just showed my missus who doesn't know a lot about football and she even said that was a bit **** wasn't it
  7. Just a massive thank you from me to the club, from top to bottom. The last year for me and the country has been tough, at times watching our great club has pulled me through another day / week! We have been a class above and hope we finish the job of Tuesday. So, just a massive thank you! We are Premier League!!
  8. Was superb. So much energy and commitment to the team.
  9. I don’t get the pant wetting. Yes he has scored and assisted lots of Brentford goals but the first two games they lost recently he played in!
  10. Didn’t look like they could cope with the balls in to the box
  11. Guess he will start the next two in place of Buendia
  12. Do you think he would be happy with a point?
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