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  1. Correct. The stars are aligning, last won promotion to the top flight 30 years ago when Liverpool last won the league. Just had to be Derby at Pride Park on Sunday... (assuming WBA and Brentford win).
  2. Yup, fair play to Barnsley, they gave us a game and no mistake.
  3. Don’t mind Ipswich as a rule, lived there for a few months with work 20 odd years ago. Was a nice jog from Foxhall stadium out to Martlesham Heath.
  4. Certainly a season for the neutrals, top and bottom is a rollercoaster ride since the restart.
  5. If they buy in, they’ll not want to see their asset lose value. It’s in their interest to build a team equipped to stay up.
  6. The man’s an enigma, would never try to second guess him. Hopefully he’ll give it a shot if we get there.
  7. If we get the magic 7 points required, then apparently the QSI investment machine is ready to roll. If Bielsa stays then I’d expect a handful of new signings certainly. We’ve seen the different financial strategies of Norwich and Villa this season, and also the quality of recruitment by Huddersfield recently. With respect, despite what some might say, Leeds are still a big draw and that may help in attracting players. 3 points tomorrow and we can start to taste it...
  8. Of course, have browsed the site over the last few years, but wanted to acknowledge the thread about Jack Charlton.
  9. Nice to see this post lads, we (Leeds) have lost a few of the old boys lately. RIP Jack.
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