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  1. Emi's just bought a house in Morley, Leeds!
  2. After the 7-1 humiliation, I wouldn't have Gunn back!
  3. Scrap the licence fee for pensioner's and I will give you what I have!
  4. Why should we believe you when you cannot spell, construct English Grammar correctly and go on like we are interested? Who cares when no one is going to be entering a stadium anytime soon? We will never amount to anything but laughing stock whilst the current system exists. No ambition equals no fans. How long will it be before you start to see them for what they are? It is time for a change. With this current setup we will never amount to anything. OTBC
  5. I don't care not bothered by what other teams do. I feel if you click on them you are feeding them. I just wish to concentrate on us. OTBC
  6. Do you think the club should retire the number 9 shirt in honour of Justin Fashanu? I think it would be an appropriate honour as is the current climate in the world towards people of colour and gender. I myself identifies as mixed race, I don't look like Justin but my ancestry is similar. I was a young Barclay Boy sitting on the fencing when his goal of the season went in against Liverpool in 1979. Of course, we lost 3-5 but his sexuality never came into question with me and still doesn't. I am proud to be associated with the first football club to have an openly gay sports star. I was in the same class as Dale Gordon at school and always was best friends with him. Got to learn a lot about the Fashanu's through Dale but never uttered a word of it to anyone. Does anyone else agree with me, that we should posthumously honour Justin in this manner of retiring the number 9 shirt?
  7. At least we are still communicating, somehow I don't see a ballooned shot into the stands as passing, maybe they wanted a virus-free ball, with a prevalent spike of Covid-19 in Burnley. In Stockport here we are doing well.
  8. We can agree to disagree but for me, I have spent my last money on this club and am sick of the in-fighting every time someone voices their opinion. I will not miss that, I will miss the friends I have made over the years, whilst it lasted. Now, I cannot be bothered to tune-in even though the matches are free-to-view. I can predict the outcome from backing them at the bookies, before the start, to do what that Scouse vermin have done not 30 miles away. Yeah, it may have been blind ambition but that has been drained from me, suffering as the team got found-out week-in week-out, like all life has diminished. I get told they've lost again, that's enough. Not going to waste anymore of my life on this shower. I don't need an excuse anymore, I just want it to be over. Norwich have become one of the cook's recipes, prepared from the cheapest ingredients. I have never liked the woman, tried to buy into 1p5hit before us; Shame it didn't happen. I didn't like Lambert either. I refuse to brown-nose and follow the rest of the sheep. I don't like this club anymore. You will always be little-old Norwich that I have given 45 years of my life to. Type what you must. This is a one-time post.
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