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  1. I hope this isn''t another Martin O''Neill episode, where he was told there was money available only to find out there was bugger all....I think Lambert is frustrated that he can''t move on DOC, Maric etc. to generate funds as no one what''s them. You might find he has to sacrifice a Hoolihan to actually get more coverage in the squad which would be a disaster....
  2. Anyone see the lads & Rusty signing Miss Frank on Soccer Am just now?VOTE MISS FRANK :o)
  3. Quote "Semmy was not at fault for the second goal it was Forster!!! The whole defense was looking the wrong way and Semmy was the quickest to react when it went wrong!!! So stop blameing him for it!!!!" Semmy was nearest and reacted far too slowly. He is crap in my opinion and a real weak link. He hides as a well know journalist recently pointed out. It''s an opinion. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  4. Semmy has to be dropped in my opinion. Was at fault for the first goal against Leeds and was asleep for the second one..... He''s the weak link. Pity about Spillane as he was looking good at right back
  5. Tomorrow Foster Rusty at Right back Doc Askou Drury Korey Hoolie Hughes Lappin Martin Holt subs Semmy Rudd Cureton Gills Ade Daley McVeigh
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