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  1. No but for someone who complained (rightly) about the abuse he received, he doesn''t half like dishing it out. Very insecure if you ask me....
  2. See Robin Sainty being bitchy about people on this post... one club... one support... dear oh dear.
  3. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Mike "]The business I work in, does not encourage husband & wives working together due to the issues it can bring. Not the most professional of structures.. I can not imagine Webber or his wife ever disagreeing thus they have a very powerful say on our direction.[/quote]I''m guessing you''ve never been married...[:P][/quote] Twice... there was no argument, I did as I was told or suffered the consequences
  4. The business I work in, does not encourage husband & wives working together due to the issues it can bring. Not the most professional of structures.. I can not imagine Webber or his wife ever disagreeing thus they have a very powerful say on our direction.
  5. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Not mad keen on this new management structure to be honest. A cynic night think that Stone has been gradually sidelined (who was it that took over responsibility for transfers last summer) and has decided to move on. I don’t like the fact there seems to be very little in the way of checks and balances on Webber (or should that be the Webbers). I had thought after McNally was allowed to become a bit of a control freak that we might have learnt our lesson.[/quote] Totally agree Jim... Sad to see Steve Stone go but obviously did not feel part of the team or was not content in his role.
  6. We do not know but again until the club, issue a statement then rumours will abound. Worried that we do not seem to get the CEO position right at the moment and would expect no structural changes, given the lauding of the new setup at the beginning of the last season. Really hope it is not Webber or nephew Tom but someone with the experience in being a CEO of a football club.
  7. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I guess the key question in terms of how worrying it is is why? He could just have been offered a better paid job and decided to jump ship. The alternative is that there is some other reason he has decided to leave such as disagreements behind hmthe scenes or a realisisation he was fighting a losing battle under the self funding model. He’d better not get a payoff if he’s quit though and Balls better not pocket another hefty sum for “standing in”[/quote] All very very strange... No doubt, in this new spirit of openness and togethernes, the club will tell us all soon.
  8. [quote user="McCanary"]There were a fair few conversations going on about it in the gunn club after the game I am surprised Archant haven''t been on it[/quote] Thank you... A sensible reply to something LOTS of people where talking about. Like I said there seems to be a lot of talk about this... Personally I hope it is not true.
  9. The rumour is that is he is no longer CEO... At his request. Who knows, just thought people might be interested in the rumour surrounding him at the moment. No deal if true but a lot of speculation. Thanks to the usual kids for their mature response.
  10. We will have to wait see if it is true... and the reasons why (if true) .
  11. Rumours a bit worrying if true...
  12. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]We had more shots on target than Stoke so they must also be "powder puff" up front. In the end the game was won by an unfortunate own goal, that is just football for you. The fact that the team were roundly applauded after the game speaks volumes............[/quote] We have been getting the rub of the green on our unbeaten run and as its always a 1 goal difference for us we were bound to lose one sooner rather than later.. didn''t believe the hype after winning four on the trot not too arsed about losing this one.
  13. Huge club with massive expectations...really tough job.
  14. Will happy with 3 points out of the next 2 games, delighted with 4, elated with 6.. .. all else I have to moan to keep Hogsar and people happy and busy...
  15. Got to feel for the fella... last season was his dream this season his nightmare.. #prayforkingkeano
  16. [quote user="keelansgrandad"]... this forum soooo bloomun'' quiet? I think even the most cold hearted, belligerent poster would find it hard to moan at the moment Double N. AS I have said before, my attitude is each game as it is played. Each good performance and/or win makes my day or week and gets the credit whereas a bad performance or loss spoils my day or week and gets the criticism it deserves. Obviously some will never be happy until we have Jeff Bezos as owner and we are top of the Prem.[/quote] Ridiculous statement... I''d be happy with Warren Buffett
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]... this forum soooo bloomun'' quiet?[/quote] Its because decent and intelligent debate is always shut down by the usual subjects...
  18. [quote user="Ben"][quote user="TIL 1010"]Surprised that nobody has mentioned yet the quite loud chants in V1 & V2 after the Scum goal and also a few renditions of '' You don''t know what you''re doing ''.When cracks start to appear in the away support especially in a local derby Farke has got to start producing the goods before too much longer surely as it will end in tears. Leitner saved the day with the equalizer which of course sent the away following wild because of who we were playing not because of how we were playing.[/quote]a good few are not only missing tonight but I don''t doubt having a quite sob somewhere[/quote] Congrats on posting the most obvious post that was going to happen tonight... Celebrate 5th rather than pointlessly digging out a fellow City fan x
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