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  1. David Lloyd was once asked if he was Clive Lloyd's brother.
  2. What long term plan should we have? Where can a small town club with no rich backers, truly expect to aim for? At the moment the plan appears to be spend carefully, keep our best players long term, aim for a top half finish now and then and the occasional qualification for Europe. There will be relegation battles along the way. But can we reasonably plan to be any better? Could Norwich, for that matter?
  3. You need to have a word with the refs. Second in the PL fair play table last year, with fewer bookings per game than Norwich. (And obviously far fewer sendings off. How do you get 58 booked and 4 sent off when you're top of the league?) I like Norwich. I like all the small town clubs in the PL, though I suppose Norwich doesn't really count as a "small town",but you're certainly (no offence) not in the Man U or Leeds bracket. Or even Wolves or Villa, really. Obviously I don't want you finishing fourth bottom while we finish third bottom, but as long as we're fifth bottom you can have fourth bottom with pleasure. But like so many clubs, some of your people have false ideas about Burnley based on nonsense. I even heard a professional journalist in the Daily Telegraph use the term "Big Ben Mee". He's probably the smallest centre half in the PL. It's laughable. They have the idea that Burnley are a "team of giants" (that one was Daily Telegraph) and a team of thugs, and they will not see that it is false.
  4. To some extent. When we aren't winning, we get complainers who say the style of play is rubbish. I think it's overrated, myself. Playing our style when it's going well is entertaining enough, because after all it does involve getting the ball into the business end of the field. When a side is playing bady, passing it round the back and getting nowhere near the goal isn't any more entertaining than launching it long and getting nowhere near the goal. (We do pass it about as well. Sometimes.)
  5. 2 incidents. You had 2 men sent off in that one game; Burnley have had 1 sent off in 4+ years. We aren't thugs. The PL is full of lazy fans (led on by lazy journalists) who think that Burnley have a big team full of dirty tacklers, and it's clearly and provably wrong on both counts.
  6. To be fair, the two seasons before he came out, Fashanu had been playing for the Edmonton Brick Men, an unsuccessful team in the Canadian Soccer league. His career really went downhill with that bad knee injury two years earlier.
  7. Burnley have been reluctant to give gates all season. It's speculation and rumour, but the story goes that season ticket sales dropped from 14k to 11.5k over the coronavirus break. Part of that is natural wastage. I've heard it said that 10% of season ticket holders are lost each year, as a rough guide; and there wouldn't be any replacements coming in while the grounds were shut. Part of it is coronavirus fears. Older people, or people who have vulnerable older people in their home, may be reluctant to sit in a large crowd for a couple of hours breathing the same air as their neighbour. I am myself - I'm watching Accy Stanley this year (good game yesterday!) and Colne in non-league. And as an aside, some clubs (ie. Burnley) made a complete shambles of season ticket renewals. There will be elements of this at all clubs. One of the side effects of filling the ground with season ticket holders is that there is no longer a huge reserve of part-time supporters to fill the gaps.
  8. Only in groups of 10. Buy 10 tickets for £90, though strangely, it was barely publicised. Our new owners have some strange ideas.
  9. On the subject of "thugs", I've got a question for you. Who do you think has had more players sent off - Burnley in the past 5 seasons including this one, or Norwich in the first 45 minutes last time Burnley played at Carrow Road? If you said Norwich, you'd be right. You're aware that this style, that cannot succeed against better teams, has seen us win at Old Trafford, Anfield, and the Emirates in the past 18 months? Where we do struggle is against park-the-bus sides like yourselves. If you would change your style to include scoring goals once in a while, I reckon it would be more entertaining, but as it stands it's no better than ours in a different way. I'm sure you have sweet dreams about getting into the top 6 and challenging for the title. So do we all. But unless Delia sells out to a sugar daddy with multi-millions like the Leicester Thais - and they have put half a billion into the club and still haven't broken into the "big six" apart fro that one season - then establishing yourself in the PL is all you can possibly hope for. Of course, you have the advantage of a huge catchment area with no competition. We have at least 20 other league teams within the same distance as Norwich to Ipswich. Bigger population, but as both Liverpool clubs, both Manchester clubs, and Leeds, are within that radius, we don't draw many from those areas. Burnley's bigger than Lowestoft, but not by much. Me? I'm happy with Burnley. In spite of our dodgy American owners who have stripped out the cash reserves. Nothing against your lot, but I will still stick with my team of "thugs", who incidentally once again extended their PL-record run of games without a sending off to 100. I agree we have dodgy owners, and also of course we are surrounded by other
  10. Don't be hard on poor old Ipswich. They tried their best, they were just beaten by a better side.
  11. Picture here. Maybe it's my eyesight, but I can't see Krul get the ball.
  12. If Monday's tests produce a dozen positives for coronavirus, then they will realise that coronavirus is spreading far faster than anyone thought and they will probably abandon the season. If Monday's tests do not produce any positives for Spurs players then they will realise that they are probably right and playing football isn't going to spread anything and the decision to start up was correct.
  13. Pretty much, yes. Just as any other employee who has work to be done but is unable or unwilling for whatever reason to do it,. can have £2,500 per month instead of working. Footballers may be entitled to lots more money than, say, scaffolders when they are working because a footballer's skills are rarer and more profitable. But a footballer sitting at home isn't worth more than a scaffolder sitting at home.
  14. Anyone can go on furlough; there is no limit to what your salary way. You can go on furlough if your salary is normally £1m per month. Footballers have the choice. Play and get paid, or don't play and don't get paid. But if they want to keep taking money out of the pot, they have to ensure that money goes into the pot.
  15. The players could have said right back in March that they think any thought of football is wrong and they will not countenance it; if they had done that, and all agreed to be furloughed for the duration, then there would have been no problem for the football world. Even now, they could go on furlough and say they won't play. That, along with refusing the spare tests, would be a big statement. On the other hand, saying we won't play put give us our pay anyway - not much of a statement IMO. If footballers want paying, they need to play; if they don't want paying, they don't need to play; but if no money comes in to football, it's hard to see how any money can go out of football.
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