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  1. Luckily your opinion doesn’t count for ****. You wouldn’t smash Leeds in a one off game. We are a much better side. Well organised and much better in terms of fitness. You lot seem to be clutching at straws. You’d be happy for it to be null and void, and in effect be rewarded for being the Premier league’s worst team. You are where you are in the league. Just accept it. The likelihood is you will be relegated back to the championship and Leeds could be promoted. Football can just be that way sometimes. I’m sure you all had a good laugh when we were struggling in the lower league and we became your feeder club. Bet you all had such jolly times down the pub, laughing at Leeds misfortune while buying up our better players. It’s swings and roundabouts. You will probably have to sell some of your better players when you are relegated just to balance the books for next season. If that does happen, I’m sure everyone will have a laugh at your expense.
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