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  1. Because he is clearly wise rather than nutty, Nigel.
  2. To paraphrase Mrs Merton: What is it that makes rooted to the bottom with least wins, most defeats, worst GD, least goals scored Norwich City think that null and void is unquestionably fair.
  3. Norwich are bottom, 6 points off safety. Won less than everybody else, lost more, scored less, worst GD. Bookies favourites for the drop So of course you think null and void is unquestionably fair. However I fear you may be confusing 'unquestionably' with ' not even remotely'.
  4. Na at this stage the only thing that will reinforce the integrity of the game is to pretend well over a thousand games didn't happen and null and void the season that is 80% done. I know you lot stay up that way but obviously that was the last thing on your mind. All about the games integrity innit
  5. If 3 of those points come against Fulham then that will just about do. Can't see them winning 6 of their other 8, tough run in. We'll see.
  6. Will you please stop hurting my feelings with your cruel words
  7. Ach no don't tell me we are hated. This hurts more than you will ever know.
  8. You are right Whichever way it goes somebody will be deeply unhappy which is why I do genuinely want the games to be completed. For all my talk of PPG winding people up and wouldn't that be funny I would take it of course but far from ideal. I'd be frustrated for Bielsa as much as anything Though we cannot be there I want him and our players to have their moment of glory if we make it. I do not think we will fail this time though especially if we beat Fulham
  9. As would completely null and voiding a season that is 80% done.
  10. Well Christoph for one. Says even if you finish bottom we shouldn't be promoted if we don't complete the season. Maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick and he means he is happy enough for 3 down but no promotion in those circumstances? A 17 team Prem and 27 team champ next season. If that is what he meant then fair enough. Na I don't think he or Webber for that matter meant that at all.
  11. I wouldn't be hiding behind hilarious 'null and void is the only proper, decent, ethical moral alternative' that I keep reading on here I I'd be admitting null and void is the option that saves our skin so let's take it. I'd be honest about it. I mean Null and Void the only fair option. What a pile of bull. Wiping out well over 1,000 games, countless hours and monies spent by thousands of people. Just expunge the 7 months hard work so a couple of teams can keep their little noses in the premiership trough for an extra 12 months. Oh, very ethical, very moral PPG for promotion farcical? Nope I don't think so. We same as WBA have made it clear we want to play the games but if it is taken out of our hands then that is fair enough especially if it is what the majority agree on. Norwich don't like it, who cares? This season is quite a bit different from last. Then we were lying 2nd with Sheff Utd on a great run of form and breathing down our necks. They never let up, we bottled it. This season it is us who are on a great run of form 7 clear of 3rd not 1 or 2 points and the 3rd place team has shown little consistency. As far as I'm concerned if they decide on PPG then we fully deserve it. But I would say that.... You are way off the mark on the last point though. If after 38 games in the Premiership we finished bottom 3 I wouldn't be pathetically, desperately clinging to the ' they never finished their season' crap. Utterly irrelevant what the EFL do. If we finished bottom 3 we would deserve to go down. As will you if that is where you end up.
  12. Can't speak for all Leeds fans but yeah sure if null and void was on the table in such circumstances I'd go for it. But I wouldn't pretend it was the fairest or most honest option as quite a few on here claim, just the option that would save our skin.
  13. Geez I wonder why you think null and voiding a season that is 80% done is the best way forward.
  14. Some Norwich lad is interviewed desparately spouting about how they'd be most irked if the Championship didn't finish whilst the Premiership did....and this has me running. Wonderful stuff. Actually his comments just reeked of desperation, your get out clause if) when you finish bottom 3. As for wanting PPG well no only if the games can't be played. At the minute it looks like they will go ahead so I'm happy enough with that. PPG would be funny though. So much urine would be boiled. Lovely stuff. Anyway I'm away off to fret along with Lowfields about the 'mother of all legal cases' that Villa will unleash should it go to PPG. Yikes!
  15. Clearly. And it will really grind the gears of so many Leeds haters. Beautiful.
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