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  1. [quote user="yellowmad"]And the club is brilliant at spotting potential, last player to come through the academy and consistently play? last player the club released who made it at championship level? I always think it is handy if a player can pass to his own team mates, read the game, not hang on to the ball too long, tackle, header, kick with both feet, thats what I call potential. Not running round and losing the ball,When was the last time you watched the youth team or reserves.[/quote] I should say Paul blooming Hayes, the ol'' bor hant done bad for himself since we released him after that there wonder goal against Arsenal in that friendly up at The Nest all them years ago! Regards Sue
  2. I''ve just been on the phone to my ol'' bor Kevin Blackwell, and he did tell me that he''d would be delighted to sign lovely Darren Huckerby but he said he doesn''t think that hilly ol'' Sheffield lives up to the high standards of Norwich and therefore lovely Darren Huckerby would not be interested in moving back up North. My ol'' bor Kevin Blackwell did say that if he does managed to sign lovely Darren Huckerby, he would quite happily allow James Beattie to join Norwich in exchange for some lavender and a jar of Colmans mustard. I was quick to tell my ol'' bor Kevin Blackwell that Glenn "Carrow" Roeder was a tight ol'' rat and would never spend that much on a player of such class, he''d much rather have that funny looking Eagle girl playing up front. Regards, Sue
  3. Bors, I should say that we do not want to sign blooming Shola Ameobi. He''s overated, over expensive and can''t score for toffee. I sh''ink he''d cost us 4 million pounds, whereas we could buy that fat ol'' bor from Hull, I forget his name........ah yes. I remember that blessed bor goes by the name of Darling Dean Windass, now he might be pushing 50 but I sh''ink he''s blooming miles better than that there Jamie Cureton, pile of ol'' tosh he is! Regards, Sue
  4. Blainsey me ol'' bor, dont you be a-worrying, but i think there is too much doo-lally-ing around nowadays. It should be about football and football alone! All my love, Sue xxxx
  5. Georgy my dear old bor, I do hope you aren''t suffering with Jaundice as your screen name suggests. Babs, Lilly, Linda and me are definately here for the long haul, now that my dear grandson Harvey has shown me and my ol bor Keith how to work this darn world wide web shennanigans. We all sit together in the Geoffrey Watling Stand, near ol'' Delia herself, her recipe for rhubarb crumble is magnificant, the crumble has just the right texture and the rhubarb isn''t too sloppy. Any way I digress. Regards Sue x
  6. I apologise for that post Canary Boy, Linda hacked onto my account. I myself have not heard that rumour, but surely we won''t release Cureton a year after spending a lot of money on him, or Rusty, I thought he was one of the better players yesterday!? Sue
  7. no pipedown and go to bed you useless oaf   regards sue xx
  8. I reckon it should be Molly Lindtley by the Singing Postman, yew can''t get more Norfolk than that! Regards, Sue x
  9. I''ve just arrived home from Sheffield. Good day out but a shame about the result. Did any one notice the green men at the front of the upper tier who appeared to have a fascination with Dion Dublin? I thought they looked very good. What does everything else think? Regards, Sue
  10. how could we ever afford that Banega chap? He''s only just signed for Valencia and he''s on 40k a week. Utter rubbish. On the other hand I hear that Glenn Roeder is eyeing up a move for Adrian Coote.
  11. wayne bridge is the worst footballer in england. He is about as good at football as a badger with no legs!
  12. how abouts when he comes on everyone take their shoes off and throw them at him. That really would shock him!
  13. i shink they should revamp the england team and start a fresh. my team''d be: Carson/ Green Shorey Terry Carragher Richards Joe Cole Barry Smith Young Rooney Crouch/ Agbonlahor
  14. how about a bit of the old singing postman? that''d really get the talentless oafs pumped up and ready for another display of miserable football!
  15. how could you tell? did you detect some sarcasm in my tone?
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