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  1. That could make sense though? The factors you mentioned Vs the lack of lockdown at all?
  2. But surely the PL still has the greater say (as you say it's their rules) So if the FA were to say "You must relegate, we wont allow this to change" what happens when the league turns around and says "yes but we must also finish all our games first, using PPG isn't an avenue for us unless relegation is first removed" likewise how does the FA justify "all our teams didn't play each other twice, but we used PPG and heres Leeds, WBA and Fulham for you, give us your 3" What then? What would happen if there was a deadlock and the premier league simply doesn't relegate? This is changing at a pace faster than I have any chance of keeping up with. Just within the last half hour i've heard that players might refuse to train next week anyway, then that talks with the government about clubs using their own ground are moving in the right direction, only to then here Sadiq Khan doesn't want games in London next month!
  3. That would apply to seasons completed normally though right? I'm not sure how relevant that is here. It may have been if our rules were laid out as the French leagues are.
  4. Im starting to wonder whether we are going to see Leeds declared champions. And given a chance to defend their title next season.
  5. I really do wonder what appeal a closed off super league would have Even when Norwich were in league 1, I maintained an interest in the leagues above not only because of the standard of football - but because thats where I want Norwich to be. The champions league may not be a competition i'm likely to see Norwich compete in anytime soon but it's a good way of seeing how some of our best competitors fair up against the best of Europe But that won't be the case with a Super league, it will be some unattainable league and those big ties won't be quite so special to me when they are on every single week. At the same time it will open our own league up to "the rest" and especially here in England we will still (hopefully) have a fantastic pyramid to back it up. My only condition is if you decide to go into this league then any re entry into our own will start from the bottom - no running back when you've suddenly gone years without winning anything and you're the SL whipping boys.
  6. Talksport have launched into Danny Rose. Woods McCoist and Flintoff were all focused on attacking how it was said, little comment on why he may have said it - "is there any need for this language" "he hasn't put his point across very well" Then on the news summary its labelled as a "foul mouth rant on instagram where he states he doesn't care about public moral because he's more worried about public safety" - where the last two words are said almost as if they belong in air quotes. I know the obvious reasons for the bias but hopefully if player safety is this much of an issue enough will speak out to get the public onside despite the noise coming out of the sports media.
  7. Cannot see 14 teams voting for ppg. Aside from the obvious 3, there will be others who realise it could well be them in this position next season. If the season cannot be completed then it's going to be tough just to eject 3 - none of whom are as yet relegated.
  8. Agreed. Parry needs to work out how he's completing the EFL seasons before issuing threats. The cases of team not promoted will be weaker than those kicked out of a league that went unfinished. Leaving the relegated teams with only a few weeks to prepare themselves for the 20/21 season will be a nightmare as well. I believe we are moving closer to relegation being scrapped
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