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  1. So if Norwich played liked the Blades and had 43 points this season and were fighting for a Champions League place you wouldn't go and watch them? I'm calling you a liar! I couldn't support a team that doesn't leave it all on the pitch to win a game of football. Playing nice football and losing still makes you a loser.
  2. Wilderball has taken 13 of the last 15 points against Farkeball. So you're happier to lose than win. OK. And I'm happy to be the new Watford, Burnley or Brighton. Teams with regular Premier League football. Better than being a Derby, Fulham or Middlesbrough like you're destined to be. And the answer to your last point is Championship to Premier League. The gap between our teams in points is greater than the number of points you've picked up all season. But you're happy with that so it doesn't bother you.
  3. Never before have I been compelled to join up another teams forum to talk about my club but the rubbish on here is too much to read without saying something. You are not ahead of the Blades in any journey at all. In fact right now you are way behind as the league shows, clearly. We're also not a bunch of cloggers, we are way more than that. Fleck, Norwood and Lundstram, as he proved with his cross on Saturday provide quality in the midfield and have flourished in the Premier League because they are part of a fluid system that always gives them an option to pass to, like overlapping centre halves and attack minded wing backs who get ahead of the ball. This means we keep the ball better but if we give it away we are tenacious and eager to get it back immediately which is what the top teams do. High press, win it back and don't let the opposition settle. And as for being really defensive, well both our wing backs scored at Carrow Road, both from inside your penalty box too which is not bad for a team who do nothing but stop the opposition from scoring. We have overlapping centre halves to get bodies forward when we attack. That creates overloads in positions and means we are difficult to mark player for player and again we always have an option. Not bad for a team who play defensively. The fact is Wilder has got the attacking and defending balance absolutely bang on. But hey, you should know that with your obvious footballing knowledge.
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