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  1. how do some people can themselves true norwich fans when wheneva they get the chance they slam our plyas down peole cant be real fans if they are that quick to hammer them down can they?
  2. oh so now you lot all like him then because he scored and when i used to defend him i got all the stick!!!
  3. for god sake cant ian do nothing rite he scores and u stil hammer him down give him a break hes only young remember n hot!!!
  4. yer rite hes crap and not to mention short he would defintly be the first on my list for transfer !!!!
  5. yer think wot u wana think but ive been there and henderson isnt far short frm the front!!!!!!! (jus cos u jelous of ian thats why you think it)so let me ask you if he couldnt win oaps walk how the hell would he ave gottin into football!!!!!!! u cant be much of a ncfc fan can ya?!!!?!!!
  6. yer init its worth it to see bentleys legs for one last time!!!!!!!!!
  7. well ive been up the training ground before and mckenzie isnt that good at running when i went it was danny crow it certainly wouldnt ave been fleming thats fot sure my money would be on henderson !!!!!!
  8. dunno reli but ive got the hat trick plan but i havent heard what games ive got yet sorry
  9. does anyone know when the reserves fixtures are out or when they start playing?
  10. yep totally agree with you what a team and what a bench!!!  with ashton and leon we areb really gonna be the manu of this league and henderson on bench is real good too!!!!
  11. yep i agree drury will be rock solid next season - he''s a player we need in our squad.
  12. i was just wondering everyone, do any of you have any info on him. If you do please say
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