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  1. You people are still prattling on about BREXIT! We were stuck in that behemoth for forty-eight years. We've been out of it less than twelve months. Let's see where The UK is and where the EU is ten years from now.
  2. He has been appointed today as CEO at Portsmouth. He was with you for ten years in the late 90's and early part of this century.
  3. An odd request but how did he do during his time at Carrow Road? Is he remembered fondly or not? Or is he not remembered at all?
  4. Yes, I'd expect Cook to have a largely new squad for August. Any Ipswich fan judging him on this season is being foolish.
  5. A penalty winner in stoppage time on Wednesday that shouldn't have been given. A perfectly good equaliser ruled out for Middlesbrough today. A penalty winner in stoppage time today that was decidedly dubious. They're surely due some rotten decisions against them before the season's out.
  6. A point away to Brentford is a point gained and that is that.
  7. If he does that well he'll have had some career. Apart from anything else Taylor took Watford into the top-flight twice so here's to Farke doing the same with Norwich.
  8. I find it rather ridiculous but unsurprising that so many can't look back two years to where Norwich were five matches and seventy minutes into the 2018-19 season. Farke was under far more pressure then than he is today. There is no better man to have at the helm right now than Daniel Farke. As you say a little bit rusty but reasons for optimism.
  9. Indeed, I wasn't sure which Norwich player's terrible touch was responsible for the goal but it was that rather than Gibson's run or anything else.
  10. I remember watching a documentary a few years ago about the terrible Spanish Flu epidemic. People became obsessed with wearing masks to the extent a man was shot dead by a stranger for not wearing a mask. The scientists said trying to control the flu from transmitting by wearing a mask was like trying to stop Niagara Falls with a colander.
  11. To lose Dowell so soon and for so long is a bitter blow. Of all the signings he was the one I was most excited about. Still as long as Daniel Farke is in charge there's reason for optimism.
  12. I'd hope not. Remember two years ago, Daniel Farke was possibly twenty minutes from the sack before the equaliser at Portman Road. From then on there was no looking back. Despite today's disappointment Norwich are already better off than at this stage in 2018-19. Keeping Daniel Farke is vital.
  13. I'm delighted Mike Ashley owns NUFC. Long may he continue to do so.
  14. Yes, I placed my bets on Norwich City a week ago today. I got the 8/1 but the best I could manage was 5/2 for promotion.
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