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  1. I cannot believe how the season has gone and the run we are on now is nothing short of an embarrassment , 5 points out of a possible 42 , simply shocking . l feel a bit sorry for Worthy , if he had been allowed to sign Ashton in August , he may have scored 15-20 goals for us and we''d be ok , maybe . However , Worthy , has brought problems on himself by some of his team selections and l cannot understand why players like McVeigh , Helveg , Safri and now Jonson and Charlton are left on the bench . lt took Worthy at least 8 games before he picked Leon to start , its almost that he didn''t know what team to pick . l''ll probably get other City fans disagreeing with me , but l would have kept Malky , l think it was a disaster selling him and l think he would have done a lot better than Doherty and the 750k we spent on the Doc , could have finanaced a move for someone like Robbie Blake , who could have linked up our midfield and supplied the ammo for Leon , Matty , Hux and latterly Deano . Any other club , would have sacked their manager after this sort of run , l like Worthy , but l think he''s taken us as far as he can ? When you look at our rivals at the bottom , they are all fighting like hell , we are not even in that league , 3 wins in a season , l just can''t believe it ........
  2. You can''t blame Worthy , but l didn''t think it was his style to have a go at the opposition before the game , it in my opinion , revved Blackburn up and added more spice to their game plan . Saying that all three goals were down to Greeno , true he made two great saves , but by then it was game over . Worthy has to get tough with players that are not performing and play players in their best positions . l know you can''t go back , but in my opinion , we are missing Malky in defence and before dumping him to the Championship , Worthy should have given him a chance in the Prem . He could then have played Charlton/Brennan , Eddy & Flem with Malky at the back . l wouldn''t want to drop / rest Greeno , but sometimes it might just be the kick up the backside he needs after a performance like that today . l was very disappointed today and think we should have gone there to rough them up and take something from the game , even win it .
  3. Obviously l know there is no sentiment in football but l think Malky has been an absolute rock for Norwich , especially last season when he was an integral part of our Championship winning side . His superb form got Malky a richly deserved international call up for Scotland and inclusion in the Div 1 Team of the Year . l cannot understand why he has suddenly fallen out of favour with Worthy , when he was so indispensable last season . l think this is very hard on the guy who has always given 100% for the team , not only that has been a great ambassador for the club and deserves his chance to play in the Premiership , a prize he has worked damned hard for the right to play at the top in his adopted country . lf he does wrap up his move to Coventry l think they have got an absolute bargain , but l''d like to wish him all the very best , to me , he is up there , as one of the best ever  players to play for Norwich City .
  4. Hi Eveybody As i live up north in Harrogate obviously getting to home games isn''t easy but coupled with the current ticket stipulations is damn near impossible . A possible solution to this is the away or visiting supporters at Carrow Road . At the moment they are seated in the Jarrolds Stand , but at least 200-300 seats are eliminated by them being screened off to segregate them from the City fans . l find this situation totally insane when tickets are like gold dust , why not put the away fans into the corner between the River End and the City Stand or in the new infill when its completed and then the Jarrolds stand will be able to be used to its capacity . The other plus point would be that we would warm up in front of the Barclay before the game and the opposition would be down at the quieter River End with their contingent in one of the corners . Sorry its such a boring post , but it ****es me off to see all those potential seats in the Jarrold Stand covered over ! OTBC !
  5. Lovely guy met him at a Northern Canaries get together in Sheffield earlier this year , where he sang the '' 1959 version of OTBC '' . You had to be there , but the guy sweated blood for Norwich City and was a fantastic ambassador for our club too . He will be sadly missed . R I P Ron .
  6. I think he is skillful player who has been very unlucky with injuries during the first couple of years with us . He started off last season very well with 4 goals in the first 4 games before getting injured in the Forest game . l spoke to Mark at the away supporters party at Carrow Road after the Preston game and he stated that he wants to play for us and hasn''t lost his ambition and desire to play for us again hopefully , in the Premiership . l think we should concentrate on getting behind our players and that includes Mark Rivers .
  7. Well Mark l personally would like to wish you all the best though l reckon this post is a wind up but nevertheless l hope you get back into the team and show us the form that persuaded us to pay 600k for you a couple of years ago .
  8. I''m getting a bit concerned that a few '' targets '' of ours are slipping through our fingers , ie Purse , Scimicer , Crouch etc and it is starting to appear that we don''t want to spend . I don''t know how much Kenton would cost but the guy has said he''d love to come and play for us and he is Premiership quality , even at 1m he would be a snip . I know it hurts NW and the board that he walked out , but it wasn''t to do with money , he just wanted to play in the Premiership . Looking at our long term defensive situation he would be an asset and help to keep us in the top flight . l think we should act now and sign him up , if the rumours are true that he is available .
  9. It has to be Norwich to stay in the Premiership , having supported Norwich for over 30 years and had to endure nine years of div 1 misery l''d love to see us in the Prem for the next decade and hopefully longer ! . I can''t get too excited watching England i hope they do well but as country we expect too much of them and the press always hype up the tension and then the team are under unnecessary pressure .
  10. One thing l wish Norwich would make an effort at is to put green letters and numbers on the home shirt and yellow numbers and letters on the away shirts .
  11. I had to laugh when l saw this l have to be the ultimate in this department , not only do i have # 19 Libbra on red away , # 27 Rivers on yellow , but l have a one off shirt which is fantastic its got to be a collectors item ........ l have a long sleeved home shirt with # 15 HEALY on it ! . l heard it on good authority from another Northern Canary who had contacts with the board ( alledgedly ) that DH was gonna sign for us , so l got ahead of the game .... Anyway l actually got Healy to sign it for me and l still think he''s a good player anyway and you never know he might sign for us in the future ? .
  12. I was a bit disappointed but not suprised to hear that Crouchy was gonna be too expensive . However , it may be a Worthy ploy to get Villa to be a bit more realistic , but offering 400k was a disgrace if that was the case , the guy is worth at least 1.5 million . He played ever so well for us last season and was a great link up man for Hucks , plus he wants to play for us . Maybe Villa will put some conditions into the sale , like if we stay up , apperances goals scored etc which might make the fee more attractive to them say 1 million down and the other dosh paid in installments in the future depending on the above. l personally think that Norwich will have to sign a couple of players of quality that are gonna break the million we spent on Jon Newsome in 1994 . lts ok trying to get a couple of Bosmans and season loans but we''ll have get the cheque book out sooner or later .Surely the board realise they will have to spend some serious dosh ?
  13. Yeah all the best to Mark Robins , at the time after Flecky had just left us , we actually splashed £800k on him and l thought it was a brilliant signing for us . After the dream debut at Highbury he said he''d '' put himself under a bit of pressure '' but you wouldn''t have noticed as he notched 15 goals for us in the Premiership . l agree with Steve White after picking up the cruiciate ligament injury he was never quite the same player . Mind you Deehan treated him like shit after Mike Walker left and eventually he was cashed in to Leiceste for 1 million .
  14. I think our best result of the season was the 2-0 win at Coventry our first win at their place for over 20 years ! . lt was a tough game and although Gary Holt had given us the lead towards the end of the first half , we were under constant pressure from Coventry . lt was very tense in the second half , until another of those mazy runs from Hucks whipping in a great cross for Jim Brennan to score one of our goals of the season to wrap it up for us . The away following was great that day and when we won there l couldn''t help but feel this was going to be our season and of course it was !
  15. l have heard it on good authority that its Lenny Pidgeley who is a serious target for us , remember he played for Watford on loan from Chelski this season and played a blinder when they beat us at Carrow Road in November !
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