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  1. Because we are stronger as a union. You cannot predict the overall effect of breaking up the union. (Take a look at Brexit). We would be 2 small countries even worse off rather than 1 slightly less small country. As for the money, it's no where near as simple as you make out. And just because Mastoola doesn't post sh1t all day, doesn't mean a thing. At least he's a Norwich fan!
  2. The guys a facking n0bsock. He's a bad advert for the Scots, Man U and certainly shouldn't be souring the good name of Batman
  3. It's the only logical conclusion. Either that or he's mad.
  4. It won't make a difference. He's employed by Archant to keep things moving on here.
  5. I didn't say we were small. Just not a big club. You're a horrible person.
  6. And the Pinkun has 0% of the fu¢ks to give. These are laughable stats really.
  7. I worked as a manager in hospitality for over 15 years and I would avoid hiring Brits in end. About 80% would be a let down. Always 'sick', poor work ethic and unenthusiastic. With the EU workers, it would be around 20%.
  8. Was he burgled or was the RSPCA just saving a cat?
  9. One pint is fine.... ...as long as it's whisky!
  10. Yeah I thought it was the lizard people!
  11. Did Delia call herself Smith? Poor commentary.
  12. Our industry going abroad was Thatcherism. Agreed, austerity is stupid. The vast majority of immigrants contribute to the economy. If there are some that aren't and are draining the system, the benefits system is as fault. The money from our taxes has been squandered and poorly used for years hense the issues with public services.
  13. Fairytail of New York for Christmas no1 ?
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