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  1. There's a very clear plan A: Get anywhere near the box, then sh1t the bed and give it back to Boro
  2. With the turning circle and speed of our defenders, it could take a while to get round the corner.
  3. The team should be more fit then. Giving up a 2 goal lead to f'in Leeds in embarrassing. Yes, they've got more quality and depth, but we should've shut them out.
  4. What hit me was there were 3 subs waiting to come on when the equaliser went in. Firstly, 3 subs at once is rash. It's for friendlies or when you're 3 nil up a want to rest key players. Secondly, at 2-1 why are we making the same subs as at 2-2? The dynamic has changed. All seemed a bit nuts, unthoughtout and desperate.
  5. Yeah it's good. I'm also liking Octordle and Quordle for a slightly longer version of Wordle.
  6. To be fair, you'll never be able to take Buckfast off the Scots!
  7. Naaa there's some happy losers too
  8. I have nothing against faith and spirituality, just the organisations that use it to brainwash and control. My point was that some people are easy to brainwash and are exposed to extremism. Not that all religious people are brainwashed.
  9. It's all just different flavours of brainwashing. Unfortunately, some people are more susceptible to it and are introduced to the more extreme viewpoints.
  10. But you have seen what they have done to kids and then covered it up for decades while letting it continue
  11. https://www.reuters.com/sports/soccer/belgium-qualifier-v-sweden-abandoned-after-two-swedes-shot-dead-brussels-swedens-2023-10-16/
  12. Shocking news. 2 people wearing Sweden shirts have been shot dead in Brussels. Match has been abandoned.
  13. I thought it was the curry I ate last night! This explains a lot
  14. Pretty much what my response was going to be. If one side is terrorist so is the other. They've both been committing horrendous actions for years and years.
  15. I think with a conflict of this complexity and history it is not as simple as saying that one side are simply terrorists. And the events in that video aren't limited to just terrorism
  16. It's not as simple as a terrorist attack though is it?
  17. Well I hope you are right. I don't have that much confidence in Starmer but it'll be better than the last decade of squit
  18. Should probably leave tomorrow morning to arrive on time
  19. For every one they kill, 5 more will pick up weapons. They are just adding fuel to the fire.
  20. Imagine going onto one of your 'rival's' forums and spend your timing writing a rather long post about how great you think you are. You still have to spend time in Ipswich to watch home games!
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