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  1. I know they call it Football, but it's not. This should be in the non-football section. I'm not saying it's a crappy sport and you shouldn't enjoy it, but it's just not football.
  2. I can't watch MOTD, Lineker just makes me want crisps
  3. As with any striker there are dips in performance. We just have to hope he finds some form quickly. Maybe start Drmic against Liverpool to make a point.
  4. Stats are boring We can win. Football isn't about stats, stats don't win games If anybody has seen Pukki's mojo, I hear a certain German is paying big money for it's safe return
  5. Miracles happen all the time so why not!? I would rather enjoy the faces of the away fans. There are very few teams that I get the satisfaction of them losing unexpectedly to an underdog more than Liverpool. And we've already beat one this season, why not the another?
  6. With this it adds some flexibility as Godfrey could push in DM role and we could move back to 451 when needed
  7. We play a very one dimensional and predictable style of football. We face teams that can be 80% sure of who is playing in what position. The same formation is played week in week out. It worked in the champs as with this set up we were out playing the other teams. However, in the prem we are facing better teams, harder defences, more tactical managers and we cannot compete with the players we currently have. I don't think we could compete in this way even if we had a better squad. We need more tactical switch ups and play some curveballs in order to win. At the moment we can be read like a book.
  8. If you eat some bat soup it will cure your corona problem
  9. Boooooooooo! Bad thread 👎 Championship team next season I'll follow next season is Luton because you gotta believe! Have some faith everyone. You are a miserable lot sometimes (sometimes=90% of the time)
  10. And occasionally forgets the difference between hands and feet. At the end of the day they're all nodes
  11. I think when Klose is back Godfrey should be tried as CDM. He certainly has the legs we need in that area, he can charge around and dominate that area. I still agree that we still need a CB signed but that ain't happened so whatever. We have Klose and Zim with Hanley as back up imo
  12. I'd go with Fahrmann Aarons, Hanley, Zim, Byram Vrancic, Mclean buendia, Duda, cantwell, Pukki
  13. I think Vrancic should be in the starting XI most games. He causes teams problems that no one else can with his vision. And he's great with free kicks. We've had Buendia taking them and I don't think he's up to scratch from a dead ball situation (amazing everywhere else though this season).
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