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  1. Does anybody know when we will get the letters to confirm whether we get our season tickets or not if we are on the waiting list? Thanks
  2. 1) Youssif Safri - Newcastle United 2) Darren Huckerby - Arsenal 3) Dean Ashton - Manchester United They were all immense.
  3. On the NCFC wristbands, have any of you noticed that the designers have cleverly placed a description of Phil Mulryne? Re - arrange the letter OTBC and you get OBCT!
  4. Good call and i agree. We can''t let them play so they get in the game, we have to take full advantage of this. When Full of Ham get going, they can be contenders for Europe but we definately have the stuff to stop them.
  5. This is sooooo depressing - on sunday im going with the family to a park in........ ips**ch! I can''t get any updates or anything. Does anybody know whether talkSPORT or 5live are doing it? Thanks.
  6. They''re back in the line up for sunday. What a boost, Safri adds something in our midfiend that could prove to be crucial to the outcome of our Premiership and Drury is good at running forward with the ball and whipping the ball in now and again. WE WILL DO IT !!! EASY! EASY ! EASY!  
  7. Well done to all of those die hards who go and watch our team week in and week out. We''ve been awarded for it today being named the best away supporters in the Premiership and when we all come together giving the lads our support whether we''re winnig or not, we can turn the match around. WE ARE THE EXTRA MAN !!!
  8. I think it''s going to be 4 - 0 to us tomorrow. No really! Ashton and McKenzie against the ever poor Southampton tomorrow bagging a couple of goals each. I won''t be there at the St Mary''s Stadium but i''m going to be in the Barcaly watching it on the big screen. Come on you yellows!  
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