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  1. Crab, you don''t happen to work for Norfolk Constabulary do you??
  2. I wouldn''t call the current system a "complete free for all" by any stretch. It''s a first come first served basis. If you want an away ticket keep an eye out on when they come on sale and get one. Simple as that. Orient tickets are still on general sale. I would say very very rarely do tickets not go on general sale. I think Charlton will be the first time this year there has been ballot. At the end of the day we are a very well supported club and you have to be proactive if you want a seat home or away
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Michael Foulger is buying out Delia Smith.[/quote] I think is the right answer
  4. http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/news/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=News&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=NOED06%20Jan%202010%2017%3A36%3A52%3A903 Wonder what this is all about then?
  5. Can we please stop all the Coppell talk? And the Strachen talk. We''ll only be disappointed
  6. Can anyone else log in on the main page to get into the prediction leauge? When I try to log in the new page just loads with the Google search field
  7. He certainly isn''t going to Palace anytime soon.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1204379/SPORTSMAIL-EXCLUSIVE-Football-League-ban-Crystal-Palace-signing-players.html
  8. I got mine last week and was asked if I wanted a ticket in the standing section or the seating section! Awesome!
  9. They can''t possibly be making one! That would not be profitable!
  10. When we start saying we will "win easily", we are in serious trouble. No game this season will be easy. I''m delighted with the squad we''ve got and we''re one of the favourites to get promoted. But we can''t be arrogant. We''re going to be playing a lot of clubs we haven''t played for years and clubs we think we should beat. Rightly so perhaps but if we rock up to place like Yeovil and Exeter and expect a win, we will lose. No question. Please don''t talk about winning "easily". It will not end well. I think we''ll win on Saturday but Colchester aren''t going to roll over. We can''t take the piss in this division and have to treat it with respect
  11. Why would any sponsor have bothered to have talks with us without knowing which league we were going to be in next season?  And I''d be absolutely staggered if it was Aviva
  12. The question you have to ask though is what is in it for him?   People only invest in football teams for two reasons; 1 to make money or 2 because they have always supported them and are passionate about them. Why would Cullum invest?  He certainly wouldn''t make any money out of us and he doesn''t strike me as a lifelong fan.  Football is a bottomless pit in terms of money.  Although I''d absolutely love him to invest i just can''t see it
  13. I really do think we''ve got a chance of getting Bertrand.  As long as Chelsea keep Cole and Bridge this summer of course.  He has been a great player for us but he is a long way from the Chelsea first team and at this stage of his career he needs a club who will play him, not just loan him out of stick him in the ressies
  14. i think it was a local journalist who, when Roeder took over, said that if he kept us up we should hire and open top bus and parade around the city.  The job he has done has been immense.  When he took over we needed to average 1.5 points a game and I don''t think anyone could see where that was coming from.  I do agree with angel above though, some of his team selections have been very odd.  Most notably Gibbs in the last few weeks.  I have never seen a player who can make himself so invisable in a game.  It''s as if whenever the full back collects the ball he delibrately runs away from any possible space!  He is young and I''m sure he will develop but of all Roeder''s loan signings he has been the biggest disappointment
  15. So in this new world are we talking instant postings here?  As an ex, errm somewhat regular poster in my student days, and more recent lurker I might make more of input.....
  16. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]Norwich has been crying out for a decent-sized music venue for years now. But that''s not football...[/quote] It would be nice, but then you would probably get some smug twat complain about the noise.....
  17. Jas, is it a coincidence that both clubs you mention are in the bottom tier of English football?  I think not. And as for wavneyblockc, are you suggesting that Delia''s restaurant and others do not make a serious wedge of cash for the club?  Of course they do!  They are vital sources of income which other clubs do not have the luxury of
  18. Dear all I don''t post that much any more.  Back in my student days I was on here everyday and I loved the quality of postings and great banter.  However, now I only come on here a few times a week to browse, I am appalled by some of the threads regarding our board and in particular Delia. People have such spectacularly short memories.  The fact of the matter is that back in the 90s she and Michael saved Norwich City Football Club.  We were minutes from going out of business when they put money in.  That is not spin, it''s not myth, it is FACT. Delia isn''t worth £275M, she isn''t worth £50M.  I''d be surprised if she was even worth £20M.  She has put her heart, soul and cold hard cash into the football club we love.  Yes the board have made mistakes, most noteably not getting rid of Worthington soon enough.  However, the current board have done so much good for this football club.  Football is a business.  I would love Norwich to have a state of the art 40,000 seater stadium in Carrow Road.  It''s just not realistic though.  The board got absolutely panned when they sold the land to build the hotel rather than put in a corner infill.  The deal was an absolute no brainer.  We got good money for the land and a stake in the hotel.  Win, win. Norwich City as a business and as a brand is unrecognisable from 12 years ago.  The catering at Carrow Road is a phenominal success and generates a massive amount of money.  This is solely down to Delia.  Anyone who thinks that Delia and the board have actively turned away businessmen and turned down hard money to invest in this club need their head examined.  She loves this football club and would give anything to make it a success.  Look at some of the boards we could have had down the years; Leeds, Ipswich, Southampton, Sheff Wed, Luton, Bradford etc etc etc.  Delia and co might not be the richest board in the world, but I bet we would struggle to find a group of people who care about a club and are as passionate. And so to the present.  The board has just had a shake up and one of the richest couples in the country joins the board.  Does this get unaminous approval?  Of course not, some fans are far too thick skinned (or just thick) for that.  People are moaning because it''s "only" two million, it''s "only" a loan.  For christ sake these people are worth 275 MILLION POUNDS!  And they are sitting on our board!!  This is a massive coup for the club!  An absolute master stroke by our board to get them here and invest in our football club. I draw my rant to a close.  Football is a fickle industry and this is no more evident than in the fans of the game.  Our board have done wrong in the past.  But the last 10 or 12 years have seen many more good decisions made by our board than bad decisons. We should thank christ we have them here rather than bitch about them and wish they would go away. DD
  19. This is a joke right?  Without Delia we would have no club to support.  Fact
  20. From what I saw at the weekend, it seemed to me Grant had found a perfect replica of Gunn.....
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