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  1. thought i had read/heard that he had broken a bone in his foot and was out for the season
  2. bumpanyone know if the Charlton tickets for Saturday, away end, should have one stub on or two?
  3. oh thought she was just being blonde!!!!!! cant see why he would get a concession though if the concessions were just on age i.e under 21, over 60?
  4. genuine question. how many tear of stubs should there be on the match ticket as my next door neighbour has just been round and his ticket only has one on but the other half says mine has 2 on, I''m not home from work yet so cant see myself is she just getting confused or is there another reason why one has 1 stub and the other has 2? [:|]
  5. GOT MINE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![:D][:D][:D]can someone remind me of the prices for tickets though for both game and club canary for adult and child (under 12) as not sure its right
  6. no way should Lappin be dropped, thought he was our best midfielder on Saturday and not far from one of the best on the pitch
  7. agree with most of that zipper tho doc would be worth an 8 for me and lappin a 7 as i thought he was the best of the midfielders yesterday. Holt was booked for deliberate handball not for dissent and was extremely lucky not to be sent off and would have got a 5 at best, perhaps a 6 for his covering of the left back role!!!!!!
  8. went to the game today s10 and went round to the box office but there were queues well outside the door so thought would wait till monday
  9. thats very true harry and thats what i am hoping as i didnt receive a first class letter today i am hoping for second class tickets next week!!!
  10. dont know much about the non league levels, how far off the conference next year? promotion next year and into the conference?
  11. "Notification is being sent to all those supporters who were unsuccessful in their applications by first class post today, in order to alert them to the opportunity of purchasing tickets for the beam-back. Successful applicants for match tickets will receive them at the beginning of next week."taken from the website, clearly states first class post. hope this is why i havent heard anything, no letter, no tickets, no money gone from account so perhaps second class hasnt made it my way yet
  12. hoolahan wont be back until at least Gillingham at home
  13. worth pointing out thou that his booking was for deliberate handball and not dissent, although he was lucky not to be sent off today
  14. thought we werent too bad today and def not off the boil. as i said on another thread we could have been 4 up after 15 mins so not all bad
  15. or keep the diamond with the normal 3 midfielders, chrissy in the hole with oli and elliot up front?
  16. was not that bothered he didnt play today. as someone earlier said he would have been kicked off the park today and risked serious injury as Ince would have targeted him from the start. worth pointing out though that even without him we could have been 4 up after 15 mins
  17. last game of the season i would have thought, May 8 at home to Carlisle
  18. just read on main site tho that commentary will be via radio Norfolk so for those saying it will be better than listening to them, think again!!!!!
  19. any pictures to prove your point about you looking better in stockings and stilettos WITS [;)]
  20. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Oh, and let''s hope todays ref clamps down on the thugs from the off[Y]   [/quote]its kevin friend from the prem so i guess he will be stamping down on things as they dont tend to let much go when they move down divisions
  21. nothing taken from mine and no postie yet so looks like i am not going but well done CA after last year [;)] hope you get a better result than i did[:''(]
  22. if someone does get one/find one can they pm me please
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