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  1. think i read that Jonathan Grounds is being released too, might be worth a shot
  2. didnt i read somewhere last week that a new chief scout was going to be announced in the coming days? have i missed this announcement or we still waiting? anybody any ideas who it is?
  3. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]I would rather Palace go down, worst away venue in the Championship![/quote]are they not wanting to ground share with Charlton or Millwall though which would rule out visiting Selhurst thank god and given our very poor record against shef wed esp at home, boring 1-0 loses, than i would rather palace stayed up
  4. Tom if you are only just going to criticise one of our players then why do you support out team? and why do you ignore some questions and points? is it because you actually agree with them but they go against your point on here?
  5. and how many points did he cost us by giving away the pens and getting sent off away at Southampton if i remember correctly in those 15 games?and how many times do you see other defenders in the prem esp try and hold opposition players off and stop some backing in by holding on to them, Doc got a bad name for this and refs looked out for it so more were given than should have been. how many has he given away this season? different refs not looking for it perhaps?
  6. no thanks. think his attitude and performances when we needed him most let us down and how anyone can think of having an ex loanee back is beyond me
  7. whilst i respect what you are saying Indy, where myself and a lot of others are coming from is that when in the championship he was one of our best most consistent players, often with very little support next to him or in front of him, hence why he was always mentioned in the player of the season awards so for us he is not just a one season wonder, he is just showing what is evident from seasons pasti remember when Taylor came in for him there was a big fuss about how great he was but we actually conceded on average more goals per game with Taylor in the team than we did with Doc. Then Stefanovic came in and again it was yes no more Doc and look at all the penalties he gave away and mistakes he made that cost us points in that season. In fact i am pretty sure that Stef. gave away more pens in that season then Doc has in all his career with us, yet Doc still gets accused of giving away lots of them and i havent worked it out but the points we lost because of these pens would have ensured we stayed up i would have thought (im sure the stattos on here would know the answer to this?and as for no other club coming in for him how do you know? are you his agent? there were rumours of Plymouth and Watford and after listening to what they had to say he decided to stay with us, so just because he is still here doesnt mean that people were not interested in him or did not enquire and speak to him
  8. so you recall how excited their fans were, or not, yet according to you there have been no rumours of other clubs interested in him!!!!!!!!!as for watching on TV The Gut summed up what every ex football player and people who actually go to games know.......that nothing beats actually being at the game and seeing everything that happens on a pitch and not just what the camera shows you and you must have some seriously good ''experts'' over there because here 99% of them talk utter crap, then again........
  9. Houston who is this Crow you keep referring to?as for the Doc he is not my favourite player but a worthwhile part of the first team who has been outstanding this season adding another year to his consistent career so far with us. as Andy has pointed out when his contract was out last time there were lots of, and very strong, rumours of both Plymouth who i believe he actually met and discussed terms with and also Watford but once again you have failed to notice this.if you had ever been to carrow road, or a proper football, not soccer, match then you would know that depending on where you sit and which end the goal is scored at you cant always see whether it is a goal or not especially ones like Russell''s yesterday. anyone with one ounce of football knowledge would know this mate
  10. the angle they had on the FLS last night clearly showed that the lino got it right and it had crossed the line. Houston you really are an idiot, as andy has said there is no way you can compare the two, please get a life
  11. how you can you slate a player you have never seen play and one that you have absolutely no idea whether he was wanted or not and please enlighten me who everybody is?
  12. Houston for once stop the bloody crap that you spout, we have just won the fucking league and all you can do is try and wind posters uphow do you know that Doc wasnt offered deals elsewhere and just chose to stay here because he likes the club so much?
  13. Watching the under 18 International on sky and Kenny Reeves who plays up front for England plays for Dereham and goes to Easton College. he used to be on our books and was in the same age group as Korey Smith, Declan Rudd and Tom Adeyemi
  14. ilderton is now reffing the under 18 game on sky between england and scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lambert gets a ban, he gets a bloody international
  15. she has her own season ticket but wanted to do something with my partner and her little sister as well and lil sis is too young for the footie so for once had to think of the family [:(] but i will be back for Carlisle [:D]
  16. i have to say i think it is great as tomorrow is the first home game i am going to miss due to my older daughters 12th birthday so am delighted its not goingt o be presented until the Carlisle game [:D]
  17. AN FA Regulatory Commission hearing today heard charges issued against City manager Paul Lambert and Head of Football Operations Gary Karsa. Lambert was given a one-match touchline ban and fined £1,000 for improper conduct and use of abusive and/or insulting words during the Canaries'' match against Tranmere Rovers on April 2. Gary Karsa was also given a one-match touchline ban and fined £500 for improper conduct during the same match. The touchline bans are to be served with immediate effect meaning both Lambert and Karsa will be sitting in the stands for Saturday''s match with Gillingham at Carrow Road. THOUGHTS?
  18. dont know about the journey, but the away fans pub is the compleat angler on the bridge opposite the train station about 5 mins from the ground and the walk from the city centre is about 10 mins
  19. those that are going, unfiortunately i am not as my back wouldnt stand the long journey [:(], why dont you all dress up as Nelson, celebrating the fact that nelson scored the goal that secured our promotionthoughts?
  20. hell yeah, its a big achievement worth celebrating............. and also i couldnt make the last one in 2004 as i was in hospital having a knee op so this would help make up for missing that one
  21. Thanks CA and WAY49..........the first person to respond was Groult, so Groult it will be in the post tomorrow [:)]sorry to the other three that replied but Groult was the first one to reply so only fair that''s where it goes. I''m sure others may have one they dont need though
  22. hi guys after a brilliant day out on Saturday i was about to throw my stub in the bin when i suddenly thought that someone on here might need an extra stub for their 10 tickets for away games next season. due to family commitments i can never make more than 5 a season at most so if someone who was unfortunate enough not to get a ticket for Saturday would like my stub please PM me your details and i will send it in the post to you
  23. wouldnt have thought the trophy would be presented until the carlisle game anyway
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