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  1. actually Lewie after just reading the other thread about the accident and somebody dying nothing about today really matters [:(]
  2. dont you think though Lewie that as paying customers we should expect more than what was offered and that the players would care about not letting 25000 supporters go home fed up?
  3. have to say i agree with the op, i was thoroughly pissed off today with team and the whole attitude. as was said Lambert wasnt into the game at all today and should have made subs a lot earlier and i couldnt understand why he would take oli off and put on a winger when 2 nil down and with cody on the bench. perhaps the weather played a part but i thought the whole day today inc the crowd and trophy presentation was a total let down
  4. "Wes showed today what we''ve been missing the last few weeks"how on earth do you work that one out? today was the first time we havent scored for a long while and i know he has been out for a while but how many times did he pick the wrong option today instead of playing the simple ball like in the first half when he could have rolled lappin in on goal instead of trying to beat everyone 3 times. i would have taken him off at half time and put mcveigh on as it clearly wasnt working for wes todayas for the POTS doc thoroughly deserved to be above wes as he has been much more consistent over the season
  5. gregory i see you did not heed my warning of earlier..............be afraid very afraid for one night when you are least expecting it your mighty god will come and visit you and make you pay for using his name in vain. i have it on good authority that there will be quite a crowd on Saturday waiting for your comeuppance, only thing now is will your faith give you the courage to meet your maker before the game on Saturday as we all know there is only one place to worship and that place is Carrow Road the true temple of life and meaning
  6. aww gregory feeling all unloved are we even after Graham gave you kisses the other night? here you go have a hug as well [{]. mind you if you ever pm me again with all that christian stuff you spouted i will find you, rip your bloody head off and shove it up your arse whilst you jump up and down on the spot singing the friends theme tuneenjoy your evening
  7. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"][quote user="I am a Banana"]sign up the bloke who scored the 12th [;)][/quote]...but don''t touch any of the defenders on display with a barge pole [:$][/quote]may be wrong but isn''t one the Hibs defenders Ian Murray who was here for a short whilewouldn''t mind John Sutton here though, has the potential to be as good as brother Chris
  8. the people in the high vis jackets are the programme and golden goal sellers and that is always where their free tickets are...........i know because i used to be onei sit in the N&P with my daughter for two reasons. one it is a lot cheaper for both us to have season tickets in there and two as she is only 12 she cant see very well when everyone is standing up like in the barclay so when we have sat in the barclay she ended up missing lots of the game as she cant see. but beleieve it or not we do make lots of noise esp the area of the N&P we sit in so those of you that think differently ought to try it one day, they might be surprised.will add that although the barclay do make lots of noise most of the ''noise'' from the snakepit is inaudible to the rest of the ground and the theory goes it is because of the so called chavs who dont know the words to a lot of the songs so just mumble their way through them
  9. just out of interest which bit is the castle mound where they are going to do the speeches etc. is it the bit that faces onto castle meadow so everyone can see as was wondering where the best spot would be to watch and celebrate promotion back to where we belong
  10. talking of which i best go............though guess i could offer him some career counselling as that is what i will be doing tomorrow. and i so hope pete doesnt delete this thread as will look forward to his reply. Morty i am putting you on degregortory watch tonight and tomorrow in case this one gets pulled so you can fill us all in tomorrow night and the goings on
  11. perhaps Irish Messi its because of your name...........you know irish reminding him of his favourite priest and his toys
  12. "That is cyber bullying something that is not taken seriously in courts and police stations, you wouldn''t want to be getting into any trouble now would you?"meant to add that i am sooooooooooo glad that it is NOT taken seriously in court as i would hate to get in trouble [:''(]and you must be popular graham because i didnt even get one kiss [:(]
  13. Hello Mathew. As you may well know Mathew is a Christian name assigned to Saints and Christians alike, however unfortunately you are not maintaining the high reputation this name usually carries with it. I can see the way you are picking on ''rickieandhucks'' and I think it is cruel- further more it needs to be reported. That is cyber bullying something that is not taken seriously in courts and police stations, you wouldn''t want to be getting into any trouble now would you? Maybe some reference to the books of the bible may help you for example Mathew II (I thought you''d like this because of your name!) talks of David''s forgiveness for Solemen, this could very much be linked with ''rickieandhucks'' forgiving you, let''s just hope he/she can be lenient enough otherwise bad things could happen! Regards, [<:o)] [<:o)] [<:o)]
  14. and i still havent got one [:''(] Ryegorg, not very original but hey neither are you i guess i have had my mum spouting this shit for nearly 40 years!!!!!there are plenty of us on here that would love to take you on playing your game. failing that how abouts a meeting before the game Saturday bout 2.30 when i can show you proof that god doesnt exist and believe me once you have seen my proof you will change your waysoh and by the way you will need to look up carrow road on google so you know where to go sat or failing that just follow the hordes of real worshippers following their god.................NCFC
  15. interesting facts:Gregory is a common masculine first name and family name. It is derived from the Latin name "Gregorius,"  meaning "watchful"  Through folk etymology, the name also became associated with Latin grex (stem greg–) meaning ''flock'' or ''herd''.sure there are hundreds of gags could be made from this [;)]
  16. oh i hope not Morty, havent laughed so much in ages and was looking forward to getting my own personal threat later
  17. i have just checked my Pm''s and not one threatening thing...[:(]note to self: must do better to annoy Gregory and his dozen or so personalities [;)], feeling left out now
  18. charlton keeper just made brilliant point blank save..........come on charlton
  19. full credit to BR, giving us a guard of honour and massive applause onto the pitch
  20. sorry missed the subs off:Declan Rudd, Adam Drury, Paul McVeigh, Darel Russell Korey Smith, Oli Johnson, Jens Berthel Askou.
  21. Fraser Forster, Michael Nelson, Gary Docherty, Michael Spillane, Michael Rose, Stephen Hughes, Matthew Gill, Anthony McNamee, Stephen Elliott, Simon Lappin, Chris Martin.
  22. or they could lift it together i guess. will the trophy be presented before or after the game, i hope it is after although if people are intending to run on the pitch, not going to call it an invasion after last time, after the final whistle would they be able to do it?
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