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  1. what is a FACT though is he has been charged with drunk driving and it doesnt matter if it is one hour, 8 hours or 24 hours after he has been drinking it is still a despicable act that shouldnt be condoned in anyway OTBC
  2. thanks for clearing that up for me, i couldnt really see from where i was sitting and only saw the crossed arms bit. didnt think they would be that stupid but you never know with footballers!!!!! OTBC
  3. i just wish people would lay off jamie. how many times have we asked for a striker who can score goals and here we have have one who has scored 14 goals this season in a bad team but still gets criticised week after week. yes he misses chances but at least he is getting in positions to score them unlike the majority of  his teammates. keep up the good work jamie and hopefully next year you''ll still be banging in the goals for our team   OTBC
  4. have to agree with you 100%. im norwich through and through and whilst i thought he played well yesterday i cannot cheer someone who has been charged with drink driving. my dad was killed by a drunk driver when i was 8 and i was badly injured as well and someone in his position should be setting an example. if i had been in charge i would have suspended him for yesterdays game, even though i like him as a player, just to show that his actions do have consequences. i have to admit as well that i was disappointed with the crowds reaction when he went off as even though i thought he played well he would have learnt more if the crowd had gone slient when he was subbed. i was also concerned with the celebrations after the penalty as it looked very much like cahills celebration for everton a couple of weeks ago after his brother got jailed crossing the arms as if handcuffed. could anyone shed some light on this? sorry for the essay but needed to get it off my chest OTBC
  5. expect to see mark crossely unveiled next week then...lee clarks best mate
  6. thanks tim....am i reading into that correctly then that he gave an agent a keepers phone number...possibly lewis''s. if so good on you james, looking after the interests of one of your own. good luck for the future and i am sure you will prove a lot of people wrong
  7. totally agree with you there. why cant doomcaster or someone from the club be honest and tell us the real reason why james left. has heard a rumour that watford wanted him but he was happy here until the joe lewis thing. as i say rumour so dont know how true i know some people on here claim to know him quite well, if that is the case why dont they ask him and then report back to us either through here or personal email, that way the club would be forced to admit the real reason.
  8. no news then? is this another phantom press conference? listening to norfolk and they havnt even mentioned it so guess not going to happen today?
  9. so would you like him here for the rest of the season then or someone with more experience?
  10. jut read on teletext that QPR have signed fitz hall so with them signing connolly form arsenal the other day they have no need for taylor now. do you think brady has realised we are the only club he wants to go to and therefore roeder is going to unveil him as well as patty and camara. also joe lewis has asked for the weekend to think over his move so dont think roeder will be commenting much on that
  11. dont know if there is anything to read into this but have just looked at man city''s website and ched isnt mentioned in their squad list for the rest of the season and they have also just signed a speedy mexican striker on loan, so it looks like we will be getting ched back as i would be very surprised if sven would keep him just to play youth team football as i doubt he would even get in their reserves with the number of strikers they have at the minute. would everyone be happy with ched coming back or would they prefer someone more experienced? im in two minds, in parts he looks good but at other times he doesnt look strong enough and has looked out of his depth but that could just be because of tiredness considering the number of games and his age and lack of experience.
  12. hi mate. you can pay on the turnstiles so need for  a ticket. enjoy the game and lets hope its not a repeat of your 1st game
  13. according to one of todays papers danny is heading back to leeds after charlton only offered one year deal instead of the two he was after. Do we want him here? i know we love to hate him but he would add some much needed bite to our defence. I presume that Huckerby and Dublin wouldnt be too happy but as they both seem to be leaving at the end of the season might be worth a punt.   what do people think?
  14. now it looks like adam sadler is staying at newcastle who is the other coach roeder is refering to? he obviously rates him very highly but i havn''t heard any names other than sadler being mentioned. anybody have any ideas? also does anybody know what bryan gunn''s role with the club is now? seems to have disappeared form my radar and havn''t heard his name mentioned at all since roeder took over
  15. i quite fancy peter taylor with malky as his assistant, experience and passion something which is sorely missed
  16. it looks like grant is on his way and i for one feel a bit sorry for him as the passion was there but not much went for him and some of his buys are just terrible but what do people think about peter taylor getting the job possibly with malky as his assistant. think it could be the dream team with taylors experience and malkys passion. would like jewell but dont think we could afford him and he would probably just walk out when hes had enough anyway...need someone experienced and cant see any body else out there with taylors experience. martin allen is the only other one but think he is too fiery for delia
  17. hi im curretly carrying out some researh for my degree and would like to explore why people think we are underacheiving this season. do you blame the chairwoman, the board, the manager, the players, the fans for unrealistic expectations or indeed something else. please could people let me know what they think and why they think this but no offensive or rude language as this cannot be used thank you
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